ADOM Guidebook

What kind of character is good for each starsign?

A) Raven

The +10 to speed is good for all PCs. It can save the life of low level PCs who need to run away from a monster they can't handle. The "messengers will reach you faster" refers to the delivery of the rune-covered trident, which happens faster for those born in this month, a nice bonus. The "harder to trick by deceptions" grants resistance to confusion attacks by dopplegangers. The stronger companions characteristic makes this month excellent for bards.

B) Book

Lawful tendencies is a weak effect. One free skill increase each level helps all PCs, especially those with low learning. Increased chance to learn spells means borderline cases have a better chance. This is not the ideal month for a wizard - they are already great at learning spells. More suited to elven fighting classes or a dwarvish paladin.

C) Wand

Here we have the sign for a neutral wizard. Gray elven wizards are ideal with their naturally high mana and neutral alignment. They are somewhat difficult to keep alive in the early game but become enormously powerful in the mid- and endgame.

D) Unicorn

Generic sign with resistance to corruption. Pretty attractive for any PC going for an ultra ending, especially an aspiring Avatar of Order. The fact that lawful alignment is difficult to change means such a PC can commit a few chaotic acts and get away with it without becoming a fallen champion. Also nice for an aspiring (ultimate) chaos god, since crowned chaotics are corrupted more rapidly than others.

E) Salamander

Very attractive for elementalists, who rely on a lot of fire magic. Not half bad for a necromancer who finds some fire-based spellbooks, either. Necromancers need that +3 to Mana.

F) Dragon

Fighters. The +1 to toughness is not significant - that is within the variability for the stat for identical race/class PCs. The -3 to willpower is significant and makes this unattractive for those who need it in the early game - wizards, mindcrafters. Not a bad month for paladins with both weapon and combat magic costs reduced.

G) Sword

Learning bonus is insignificant, although it can push a PC from illiterate to literate. The 20% reduction in cost to train melee weapon skills makes this attractive for a PC that really wants to become super-proficient with a weapon. Not a bad choice for rangers who start the game dual wielding swords.

H) Falcon

Grants the survival skill to any character. This skill is generally considered as being of little use (see section 0.4). The willpower bonus is somewhat useful for spellcasters and mindcrafters, although better starsigns exist for those classes. The charisma bonus is of little significance for any character, with the possible exception of bards, necromancers and male merchants. The free talent is good for all PCs, especially for gnomish and hurthling bards, as it guarantees them both a very useful heir gift and the possibility to go for the treasure hunter talent.

I) Cup

Another sign for wizards. Higher learning to start and the 10% reduction to gain a level means they advance rapidly, which is very helpful in keeping them alive at low level. The 20% effectivity increase in learning spells also helps keep them alive in the early game, while the player has not had time to raise their learning score.

J) Candle

This can be an unbelievable sign for trolls. They heal rapidly anyway, but those born in this month almost don't need the Healing skill! Almost. Get it and they seem to have natural regeneration. Playing a trollish healer born in this month is almost cheating. ;-)

K) Wolf

Significant benefits to perception and willpower. The willpower is good for wizards and mindcrafters, of course. Races that start with lower perception include dwarves, orcs and of course trolls.

L) Tree

Made for mindcrafters, who really need that +5 to willpower in the early game. Not bad for wizards either.

Updated May 7th, 2004