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Click here for a color map of Terinyo. Tywat Pare

Tywat Pare is the sheriff in Terinyo. He is the source of two quests. The first is to find and kill Kranach, a raider lord terrorizing the countryside. The rewards for this quest are a lawful boost to alignment and 3000 gold pieces. Note that the lawful boost is greater if a magnanimous PC leaves the 3000 gold pieces on the ground where Tywat Pare drops them.

The second quest is available once the PC reaches experience level ten. The quest objective is to kill the crime lord Hotzenplotz, who can be found in the outlaw village Lawenilothehl near Terinyo. Note that attacking Hotzenplotz while he is nonhostile is a chaotic act. However, the lawful boost received when Tywat Pare is informed of the success of the mission more than offsets this. As a reward for this quest Tywat Pare will give the PC a blessed amulet of order, an extraordinarily useful item. If the PC has done both the Kranach quest and the Hotzenplotz quest, Tywat Pare will also teach the PC the Law skill after completing the Hotzenplotz quest.

An amulet of order is also available from Tywat Pare if a lawful PC lures him to a location where outlaw types can be found. Lawenilothehl is good for this, but a random wilderness encounter with bandits or raiders will also work. Tywat Pare says "Let's slay some evil bandits!" and the game generates the message "He hands you a deputy's badge." The badge is in fact an amulet of order, which ordinarily seems to be uncursed. Cursed or blessed amulets are possible.

Tywat Pare will also pay a bounty ranging from 50 - 150 gold pieces for the corpse of outlaw types, including outlaws, outlaw leaders and muggers. Some unusual corpses fall outside this range: A master assassin corpse is worth 500 gold pieces. At the other end of the scale, cutpurse corpses are only worth 5 gold pieces. Kranach

Kranach and his gang can be found in the wilderness around Terinyo. Finding him is a matter of chance and thus can require considerable game time (and therefore food). There is an experience point limit for this quest. In general, Kranach flees the Drakalor Chain if the PC reaches experience level six. The exception is trolls, who require more experience to advance in level. The exact limit is not known, but trolls should definitely be able to find Kranach at experience level four, possibly also at experience level five. Note the experience level six disqualification especially in the case of mindcrafters, who are very weak in melee in the early game. They do not gain a true offensive mindcraft ability until they reach experience level six. Therefore it is very desirable to engage Kranach and his gang with a mindcrafter that is just about to achieve experience level six. Ideally, the first or second kill after finding Kranach should raise the mindcrafter PC to experience level six.

If Kranach leaves a corpse be sure to collect it and attempt to get it back to Tywat Pare in Terinyo. When given the corpse, he pays a bounty of 300 gold pieces and remarks "We'll put up his head in some public location." Later, on entering Munxip's food store, the PC receives the message "A mummified skull hangs over the door of this shop." Rynt

Rynt is the village elder in Terinyo. He provides a quest, which is mutually exclusive with Guth'Alak's quest. The quest is to find the village carpenter Yrrigs who has disappeared in a nearby dungeon (which does not appear unless the quest has been assigned). The reward for this quest is lower prices in Munxip's food store and some directions on how to proceed with the game. Depending on exactly how the quest is completed, there are additional rewards available - see the next section. The Village Dungeon, Jharod and Yrrigs

The Village Dungeon is where Yrrigs can be found, after receiving the quest from Rynt. It is southeast of Terinyo. It consists of seven levels. Two important NPCs are found in the Village Dungeon. The first is Jharod, the healer, found on VD:4. He will heal PCs of any alignment up to seven times. This can be vital for those PCs without the Healing skill. He will also cure sickness and poisoning. Jharod will teach non-chaotic PCs the Healing skill, or provide a blessed stethoscope or blessed potion of ultra healing and increase the knowledge of the skill for those PCs that already have it, providing the PC is able to prove his ability to show "mercy."

This can be done in two ways. The first is healing wounded monsters with any healing spell or potions of healing. The wounded monster must not have been damaged by the PC. A pet can wound the monster. The second involves Yrrigs the carpenter, who has become insane due to his lengthy stay in the dungeon. Yrrigs can be found on the last level of the dungeon, level seven. He will be a purple 't' and will be hostile. He is moderately dangerous. Despite his purple color, Yrrigs does not have a corrupting melee attack, nor does using Mindcraft against him corrupt a Mindcrafter. Ideally he should be led to Jharod, who will heal him. Yrrigs recovers from his illness and leaves a Manual of Bridge Building, a hatchet and a cursed oil of rust removal as rewards. While leading Yrrigs to Jharod, the PC should use tactics that are as defensive as possible. This means using the 'Coward' setting and possibly dual-wielding shields. Problems arise when the PC encounters other monsters that must be fought on the way back to Jharod, of course. It is possible to complete Rynt's quest by killing Yrrigs. In this case Yrrigs drops his items immediately, but the PC must demonstrate mercy in another way in order to receive the Healing skill from Jharod, and Rynt does not lower the prices in Munxip's shop. After saving Yrrigs, he can be found in Terinyo and can further train the Bridge Building skill. Note that it is possible for a chaotic PC to lead Yrrigs to Jharod, change alignment at a later time and still receive the Healing skill from him. Similarly, it is possible for a PC to heal a monster earlier in the game in which case Jharod will grant the Healing skill upon meeting the PC.

The PC will receive lawful boosts during this quest, once for luring Yrrigs to Jharod and once for reporting back to Rynt. Munxip

Munxip is the shopkeeper in Terinyo. His is a specialty shop, selling food only. Like all shopkeepers, he is tough. It is best for low level PCs to buy from his shop without attempting anything dishonest. It is possible for PCs with low Strength to simply pick up, without paying for, enough large rations to train Strength if the PC runs around in his shop long enough. Munxip will block the door so the PC will not be interrupted. Just do not attempt to leave without paying. ;-) The tiny girl

The tiny girl is the source of a quest. The objective is to rescue her puppy from a dungeon northeast of Terinyo. The reward for the quest is a lawful boost. Note that this quest is difficult and entirely optional. See the next section for more details. The Puppy Cave

The puppy dungeon is six levels deep; the puppy is on the last level. The last level must be entered before four days of game time have elapsed, otherwise the puppy is generated as a corpse, presumably dying from starvation. There are some guaranteed features in the dungeon. The first is a hive of giant ants, always found on the second level. These are very difficult to kill for a low level PC and ideally should be avoided completely. The second is an open cavernous level on the fifth level with a high monster generation rate that is characteristic of these open levels. Finally, there is a lesser vault on the last level of the dungeon. The puppy generally can be found without fighting through the vault; this is the best course of action. The puppy will be tame if found alive and will follow the PC out of the dungeon. Take care, however, since the puppy will fight the PC's enemies on the way out, even enemies that are too difficult for it to kill. The general approach on this quest should be to get to the bottom of the dungeon, carefully find the puppy and get out as fast as possible with a minimum of fighting. Note also that if the puppy is generated dead, retrieving the corpse and returning it to the tiny girl still provides some lawful boost. Furthermore this means that the quest can be done at any time after the PC has gained experience thus having a better chance of surviving the dungeon. It is worthwhile to do this quest even if the time limit has passed, since shops, altars, herbs and pools can be generated in this dungeon. Hives containing bees are common but not guaranteed. Yggaz

Yggaz is the village fool in Terinyo. He is a source of rumors and will trade random potions for potions of booze. Guth'Alak

Guth'Alak is a druid found in Terinyo. He provides two quests. The first is to find and kill an evil chaotic druid, Keethrax, who is found in a dungeon southeast of Terinyo. Note that this quest and Rynt's are mutually exclusive. There are two sets of rewards for this quest, chosen by the PC. The PC may choose between "knowledge" and "power." Choosing power results in gifts of a wand of cold and a spellbook of Frost Bolt. Choosing knowledge results in Guth'Alak teaching the PC the Herbalism skill, or Gardening, if the PC already has Herbalism. Guth'Alak provides alternate rewards to druids who complete this quest: bracers of toughness [+0,+0] {To+4}, a ring of minor elemental mastery and an amulet of balance. The exact status of these three items varies.

Guth'Alak's second quest is available only after the PC reaches experience level 30. The quest is to find and help the Greater White Unicorn, Yrruir. This is the only way to access the unicorn quests, whether the PC chooses to attempt Yrruir's quest or Riurry's quest. See and

Guth'Alak will reward PCs who bring him the corpse of a powerful chaotic monster with a potion of cure corruption. Eligible monsters include Keethrax, orb guardians, Keriax, the minotaur Emperor and any black unicorn.

Guth'Alak can turn hostile if the PC tries to chop trees in Terinyo. Even in his hostile state, he never leaves the water area in Terinyo to pursue the PC. He will cast spells that travel several squares. He will help the PC fight Munxip if the PC angers Munxip with the right tactics.

Note that Guth-Alak's quests are Neutral. They draw alignment towards N=. If the PC's alignment is on the lawful side of N=, these quests are technically a chaotic act. The Druid Dungeon and Keethrax

The corrupted evil druid Keethrax is found in the Druid Dungeon southeast of Terinyo. He is found on the bottom level of this seven level dungeon. As a druid, he maintains a contingent of hostile animals on the final level. These will include felines (see section 0.9.2) and giant slugs (nasty acid breathers, but their corpses are a source of acid immunity). He is vulnerable to acid, webs and magic missiles, but little else in the way of magic. He uses missile weapons and casts spells including Darkness that make him a formidable enemy for PCs less than experience level ten. Some players regard him as an out-of-depth opponent and defer this quest until later in the game. Keethrax does change experience level with the PC, however. When the PC achieves experience level 11, Keethrax gains one level each time the PC does. So when the PC is experience level 20, Keethrax will be at experience level 11; PC 30 Keethrax 21, etc. He carries an artifact, the Black Torc, which is a decent missile weapon but permanently cursed. It is good fodder for the demented ratling (see section 2.5.8). Keethrax always leaves a corpse. Picking up his corpse is a chaotic act, but Guth'Alak will reward non-chaotic PCs with a potion of cure corruption in exchange for returning Keethrax's corpse to him. Blup

Blup is a baby water dragon. He asks the PC to find his mother. He will also teach the swimming skill if given potions of carrot juice. Blessed potions are more effective as one would expect. His mother can be found in an underwater cave in the large lake west of Terinyo. This is not something low level PCs should attempt. It requires the ability to breathe water, or very careful planning. There are also very dangerous monsters found in the underwater cave. More information on this is found in section 2.13. Townspeople

Farmers are found in Terinyo. A farmer corpse is a quest object for Gaab'Baay (see section 2.21.6). Farmers will also trade rations for tools, such as a scythe. The remaining townspeople are simply flavor elements without any real importance in the game. They can be used as cannon fodder, of course. Lure them out of town to kill them for experience. Train Ventriloquism on them and they can be slaughtered right in town without consequence. Confusion Blast works similarly. If a C alignment is desired (for robbing Munxip without cursing, for example), anything goes.

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