ADOM Guidebook

Places to avoid in the early game

There are a few locations on the wilderness map that are to be avoided for low level PCs. One of the more mundane is the road found in the central part of the wilderness. Unfortunately, the easy traveling afforded by this road attracts monsters who will try to kill new adventurers. It is quite likely that a hostile group of chaos brothers and sisters will be found on this road, as well as wandering bands of bandits and other outlaw types, including assassins, who use poison. Bottom line: avoid the road with a low level PC. Travel through the plains and forest areas instead.

As far as truly deadly areas go, the entrance to Darkforge is one. It is found in the central part of the map near the southern border. Darkforge itself is the second level of this particular dungeon. The danger level of the top level is not that high, but the down staircase is guarded by a steel golem. These are very tough monsters for a low level PC to defeat. A low level wizard who has trained the Lightning Bolt spell may have a chance but is asking for trouble. Another wilderness location that will kill low level PCs very quickly is the Tower of Eternal flames. Without good fire resistance and other special equipment, both the PC and his inventory will be incinerated. See section 2.19 for more on the Tower of Eternal Flames. Shyssiryxius' cave is difficult for low level PCs due to the need for water breathing or high hitpoints and on-demand teleportation, as well as the presence of nasty aquatic beasts such as dragon turtles. Some locations, such as the Rift and the Minotaur Maze, do not allow low level PCs to enter.

Updated October 29th, 2000