ADOM Guidebook

The early levels of the Caverns of Chaos (CoC)

The early levels of the CoC should not be a problem for PCs that manage to make it this far. They are comparable in difficulty to the Village Dungeon or the Unremarkable Dungeon. It is never wise to become overconfident, however. Even these levels may contain lesser vaults, tension rooms and named artifact guardians. There may be a split in the early dungeon levels of the CoC. Two down staircases may be available. This is by no means guaranteed.

When two down staircases are found on D: n (n=1 or 2), the level D: n+1 has a roughly 50% chance of containing a lesser vault. The level S: n+1 will never contain a vault. This suggests the S level may stand for 'S'afe or 'S'hortcut.

The main objective in the early part of the CoC is to find the Arena. More about the Arena level is found in section 2.2.

Updated June 30th, 2005