ADOM Guidebook

The Unicorn Quests

Guth'Alak, the druid in Terinyo, will reveal the location of the Greater White Unicorn's glade once the PC reaches experience level 30, regardless of the PC's alignment. He asks the PC to search a beautiful park in the central forest for a good and noble creature in need of help. Upon returning to the central forest, the glade appears as a green asterisk near the Old Barbarian's clearing. It is described as "A beautiful park." prior to entering.

2.26.1 Yrruir, the Greater White Unicorn

Click here for a color map of the Greater White Unicorn's glade.

After entering the glade, Yrruir can be found teleporting around randomly. Despite the fact that Guth'Alak reveals this location regardless of alignment, Yrruir generally attacks PCs with chaotic alignment on sight. There have been rare and scattered reports of chaotic PCs who were not attacked. Yrruir will not attack a lawful PC even if she is attacked by them. When 'C'hatted with, Yrruir explains that the forces of Chaos have stolen a part of her life essence and forged it into her evil counterpart, manifested as a Greater Black Unicorn. Yrruir asks the PC to kill her counterpart in order to regain the stolen life essence and restore her full powers. If the PC is successful, Yrruir rewards the PC with an offer to cleanse all corruption once and only once. A player who completes this quest has to carefully decide when to take advantage of Yrruir's offer. If the PC is badly corrupted prior to entering the lowest parts of the CoC, it will probably be necessary to have all corruption removed before the endgame. However, it is best to have Yrruir remove all corruption as the last thing the PC does before leaving the Drakalor Chain, if the player is concerned with receiving the highest possible score and happiest future history after finishing.

2.26.2 Riurry, the Greater Black Unicorn

Click here for a color map of the Greater Black Unicorn's glade.

Riurry can be found in a corrupted glade just east of Yrruir's glade. As an evil chaotic being, she of course offers rewards if the PC kills Yrruir when 'C'hatted with. If the PC then returns to Yrruir, he is warned not to listen to Riurry's evil babbling. Killing Yrruir at this point will result in a significant alignment drop, of course, but causes no other noticeable effects. The PC does not lose the Lucky or Fate Smiles intrinsics, nor does he gain the Cursed or Doomed intrinsics. Returning to Riurry and 'C'hatting results in being rewarded with 1-2 corruptions, a blessed amulet of chaos and (probably) 3d3 uncursed potions of gain attributes. The player has to decide which path to take. The potions of gain attributes are a significant reward. If the player is going for an ultimate chaos god ending, it seems logical to accept Riurry's quest. Other PCs may choose this quest if corruption is either not a problem or desired for chaos gate entry. The alignment drop may also be useful for becoming chaotic around experience level 30 in order to receive Gaab'Baay's quests, for those PCs attempting an ultra ending.

Updated August 26th, 2009