ADOM Guidebook

Battle bunnies

This level is found on D: 33 or D: 34. It is very obvious, because the level message "You suddenly sense an intense tension." is generated. It consists of a long northern corridor connected to a long southern corridor. Traversing these corridors allows time for the inhabitants of the level, battle bunnies, to breed. This is to be avoided as they breed like, well, rabbits. It can quickly get out of control. The best way to deal with the level is to immediately tunnel (or teleport) south by any means at the PC's disposal and kill Bugs, the leader of the level. This drastically reduces or eliminates further breeding of the bunnies. Kill the remainder and descend. Note that scrolls of vermin control do not work on the level, instead exploding to produce a green cloud of foul smoke.

Updated August 2nd, 2009