ADOM Guidebook

Appendix A - Wearable items - complete list

Body armor
Armor modifiers

Name Weight Effect Made of
balance3sreduces effect chaotic or lawful acts have on alignmentiron
chaos3sdraws alignment towards C-; damages lawfulsadamantium
the cold heart {Ch-12}3s-Cold; -12 Ch (+/-3)iron
death ray resistance7s-Deth?
defense +23s+2 DV (+/-3)iron
free action3s-Parairon
greed3sdetects goldiron
health3sincreases HP regeneration rate?
hunger3sAUTOCURSING; increases food consumption rateiron
life saving3sresurrects PC; saves Khelevaster - see Section 2.14.1iron
light3slight source?
order3sdraws alignment towards L+; damages chaoticsadamantium
perseverance {Wi+3}3s+3 Wi (+/-3)iron
petrification resistance3s-Petr?
protection +23s+2 PV (+/-3)mithril
protection from constructs3suncertain?
protection from undead3suncertain?
speed (+3 spd)3s+3 speediron
teleport control3s+TCtriron
water breathing3s+WBreiron
brass amulet3sno effect; can be polymorphedgold
necklace of rabies resistance2s-Sick?
necklace of rapid healing2sincreases HP regeneration rate?
necklace of the eye 3sincreases vision rangeiron
necklace of the silver tongue {Ch+3}2s+3 Ch (+/-3)?
pendant of beauty {Ap+4}3s+4 Ap (+/-3)?
pendant of mana {Ma+2}3s+2 Ma (+/-3)iron

The amulets with a numerical modifier above are base value. There are others available. The numerical modifier can be {base value} +/- 3. Amulets of speed, however, are always (+3 spd). Extensive testing was done by wishing for amulets of the cold heart and amulets of defense. For the statisticians among the readers, the results are shown below. The PC had no amulets before this. The test was done on PC: 1 with an experience level one PC who wished for the amulets 100 times.

The results were as follows:

A - heap of 215 uncursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-12}645s     A - heap of 212 uncursed amulets of defense +2636s
B - heap of 26 blessed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-12}78s     B - heap of 36 cursed amulets of defense +2108s
C - heap of 2 uncursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-14}6s     C - heap of 27 blessed amulets of defense +281s
D - heap of 28 cursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-12}84s     D - amulet of defense +23s
E - cursed amulet of the cold heart {Ch-10}3s     E - heap of 9 uncursed rusty amulets of defense +227s
F - heap of 10 uncursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-11}30s     F - heap of 4 uncursed amulets of defense +512s
G - heap of 6 uncursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-9}18s     G - heap of 2 uncursed amulets of defense +16s
H - heap of 3 blessed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-9}9s     H - blessed amulet of defense -13s
I - heap of 3 uncursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-15}9s     I - heap of 2 uncursed amulets of defense +46s
J - heap of 6 uncursed rusty amulets of the cold heart {Ch-12}18s     J - blessed amulet of defense +53s
K - heap of 4 uncursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-10}12s     K - heap of 2 amulets of defense +26s
L - heap of 2 blessed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-10}6s     L - cursed amulet of defense +33s
M - heap of 2 uncursed amulets of the cold heart {Ch-13}6s     M - uncursed rusty amulet of defense +33s
N - blessed rusty amulet of the cold heart {Ch-12}3s     N - heap of 2 uncursed amulets of defense +36s
       O - heap of 2 uncursed amulets of defense +06s
       L - uncursed amulet of defense -13s
       M - cursed amulet of defense +03s
       N - blessed amulet of defense +43s
       O - blessed amulet of defense +33s

The results may conceivably vary depending on the danger level of the dungeon or the blessed/uncursed/cursed status of the wand of wishing. The wand used for these tests was uncursed.

A couple of days after this was all figured out, a level 50 PC on D: 50 found an amulet the cold heart {Ch-16}. It was dropped by a great wyrm. So it seems that the +/- 3 is only a very good guide to amulets, not an ironclad rule.

Amulets of Order - Mechanics by Malte Helmert

Artifact amulets
Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Damage
+Amulet of raw steel 10s[+3,+3]{Pe+12} -Slee -Stun -Deth +SeeI CHAOSHM(-4,1d3)
+ankh 3s[+2,+2]+Luck +FateHM(-4,1d3)
*Aylas Holy Scarf 5s[+10,+10]{Ch+6}HM(+0,1d2)
+Black Torc 3s[+4,+2](+10 spd) -Fire -Cold -Elec +Curs !Unde returns AUTOCURSINGH(+0,1d10+2) M(+2,2d6+2)
+Medal of Chaosobsidian amulet300s [+12,+3]{Ap+12} +Curs +Doom -Petr -Stun +SeeI +WBre CHAOS AUTOCURSINGHM(-4,1d3)
*sapphire amulet "Preserver"sapphire amulet3s[+4,+4]{Wi+7} +Rgen -Pois -Para +LuckHM(-4,1d3)

Name Effect Made of
brass ringreportedly a used ring of djinni summoning; uselessnonmetallic
acid resistance-Acidiron
cold resistance-Cold?
damageincreases melee (missile?) damage: Right ring: blessed +6 uncursed +3 cursed -2; Left ring: blessed +3 uncursed +1 cursed -1adamantium
defense+ n to DV, +1 is base valuegold
djinni summoningblessed = wish; uncursed = tame djinni companion; cursed = hostile djinni when 'U'sedadamantium
doomAUTOCURSING; +Curs +Doom; -6 DV; -6 PVgold
elemental mastery=Fire =Cold =Eleciron
minor elemental mastery -Fire -Cold -Eleciron
fireprotects worn equipment and pack from cold attacksadamantium
fire resistance-Fire?
gain attribute+ n to any stat, +1 is base valuegold
iceprotects worn equipment and pack from fire attacksmithril
karmic absorptionAllows melee of karmics without penalty; B/U/C status declines with each melee attack?
mental stability [+x, +y] {Le+n}-Conf; n = 1-4; x,y = 1-3iron
protection+ n to PV, +1 is base valuegold
searchingautomatic searching every turngold
see invisible+SeeI gold
slaying(+n melee damage, +6 missile damage) n = 6 base valueadamantium
speed [+0, +n] (+5 speed)spd +5, n = 1-4iron
stun resistance-Stuniron
teleport control+TCtrgold
the clear mind -Confiron
the fishAUTOCURSING; 1 blessed, 1 uncursed + 1 cursed or 2 cursed stop drowning damage, although water breathing is not listed as an intrinsic at the timeiron
weaknessAUTOCURSING; decreases Strength to 2; note the possibility of a crushing instadeath for an advanced PC carrying lots of stuffiron
wedding ringgrants near IMMUNITY to the Banshee's wail when wielded - see section 2.17nonmetallic

All rings weigh 1s.

Artifact rings
Name UnID'd Name [DV,PV] Special Damage
*Ring of Immunitysapphire ring[+5,+5]=Fire =Acid =Cold =ElecHM(+0,1d1)
+Ring of the High Kingsplatinum ring[+2,+3]-Fire -Pois -Cold -ElecHM(+0,1d1)
+Ring of the Master Catcats eye ring[+0,+5]{Dx+16} (+16 spd) +Crit +SeeI +FateHM(+0,1d1)

Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
hood 3s[+0,+0] clothHM(+0,1d1)
hat 4s[+0,+0] clothHM(+0,1d1)
leather cap 5s[+0,+0] leatherHM(+0,1d1)
bone helmet 40s[+0,+1] boneHM(+0,1d3)
metal cap 50s[+0,+1] ironHM(+0,1d3)
silver helmet 50s[+0,+0] ironH(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
iron crown 65s[+0,+1] ironHM(+0,1d3)
horned helmet 100s[+1,+1] ironH(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
orcish helmetblack helmet100s[+1,+2]{Pe-2}ironH(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
mithril cap metal cap40s[+0,+2] mithrilHM(+0,1d3)
adamantium capmetal cap36s[+0,+2] adamantiumHM(+0,1d3)
eternium capmetal cap28s[+0,+4] eterniumHM(+0,1d3)
diadem of beautysilver diadem35s[+0,+0]{Ap+4}ironHM(+0,1d3)
helm of beautysilver helmet50s[+0,+0]{Ap+1}ironH(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
helm of leadershipsilver helmet100s[+1,+2]{Ch+6}ironH(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
helm of mental stabilitycrystal helmet100s[+0,+1]{Le+1} -ConfironH(+0,1d4) M(+0,1d3)
helm of teleportationmetal helmet50s[+0,+1]+TeleironHM(+0,1d3)
helm of water breathingblue metal cap30s[+0,+1]+WBreironHM(+0,1d3)
crown of firered crown65s[+1,+2]=FireironHM(+0,1d3)
crown of iceblue crown65s[+1,+2]=Cold ironHM(+0,1d3)
crown of lightningyellow crown65s[+0,+1](+5 spd) =ElecironHM(+0,1d3)
crown of regenerationbrass crown55s[+0,+0]+RgenironHM(+0,1d3)

Artifact Headgear
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+crown of sciencesteel crown65s[+4,+8]{Le+9} +Curs +Doom =Fire AUTOCURSINGHM(+0, 1d3)
+Crown of Chaosobsidian crown500s(-6,-6) [+0,+15]{Ma+10} (+10 spd) +Curs +Doom +Petr +Deth CHAOSHM(-6, 1d3)
*Iron Crown of Havlor 65s(-6,-6) [+12,+12]{Le+4}HM(+0, 1d3)
*crown of leadershipsilver crown65s[+2,+7]{Ch+18} +SeeI -Pois -ConfHM(+0, 1d3)

Body armor
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
clothes 40s[+0,+0]  HM(+0, 1d1)
fancy clothes 30s[+1,+0]{Ap+1} HM(+0, 1d1)
ugly clothes 50s[+0,+0]{Ap-1} HM(+0, 1d1)
robe 60s[+0,+1]  HM(+0, 1d1)
black robe 50s[+0,+1]  HM(+0, 1d1)
blood-stained robe 60s[+0,+1]{Ap-2}  HM(+0, 1d1)
clean robe 60s[+0,+1]{Ap+2} HM(+0, 1d1)
leather apron 75s(-1,-1) [+0,+2]  HM(-1, 1d2)
light furs 180s[+0,+1]  HM(+0, 1d1)
thick furs 300s(-1,-1) [+0,+2]  HM(-1, 1d2)
leather armor 150s[+0,+2]  HM(+0, 1d2)
studded leather armor 250s(-1,+0) [-1,+3]  H(-1, 1d4) M(+0, 1d4)
shell armor 300s(+0,-2) [-1,+2]  H(+0, 1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
ring mail 300s(-1,-1) [-1,+3] ironHM(-1, 1d4)
scale mail 400s(-1,-2) [-2,+4] ironH(-1, 1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
chain mail 400s(-1,-3) [-3,+5] ironH(-1, 1d5) M(-3, 1d5)
splint mail 450s(-2,-4) [-2,+6] ironH(-2, 3d2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
plate mail 500s(-2,-4) [-4,+7] ironH(-2, 3d2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
elven chain mail 10s[+0,+5] mithrilHM(+0, 1d6)
robe of invisibilityrobe60s[+0,+1]+Invi HM(+0, 1d1)
mummy wrapping strange wrapping50s[-2,+0]{Ap-6} HM(+0, 1d1)
spider shell armorshell armor300s(+0,-2) [-1,+5]  H(+0, 1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
mithril ring mailring mail240s(-1,-1) [-1,+5] mithrilHM(-1, 1d4)
mithril scale mailscale mail320s(-1,-2) [-1,+6] mithrilH(-1, 1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
mithril chain mailchain mail320s(-1,-3) [-2,+7] mithrilH(-1, 1d5) M(-3, 1d5)
mithril splint mailsplint mail360s(-2,-4) [-2,+7] mithrilH(-2, 1d6+2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
mithril plate mailplate mail400s(-2,-4) [-3,+9] mithrilH(-2, 1d6+2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
crystal scale mailscale mail620s(-1,-2) [+0,+8] crystalH(-1, 1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
crystal chain mailchain mail620s(-1,-3) [-1,+9] crystalH(-1, 1d5) M(-3, 1d5)
crystal plate mailplate mail720s(-2,-4) [-2,+11] crystalH(-2, 1d6+2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
adamantium ring mailring mail216s(-1,-2) [+0,+7] adamantiumH(-1, 1d4) M(-2, 1d4)
adamantium scale mailscale mail288s(-1,-2) [+0,+8] adamantiumH(-1, 1d5) M(-2, 1d5)
adamantium chain mailchain mail288s(-1,-3) [-1,+9] adamantiumH(-1, 1d5) M(-3, 1d5)
adamantium splint mailsplint mail278s(-2,-4) [-2,+9] adamantiumH(-2, 1d6+2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
adamantium plate mailplate mail320s(-2,-4) [-2,+11] adamantiumH(-2, 1d6+2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
eternium ring mailring mail196s(-1,-1) [+0,+9] eterniumHM(-1, 2d4)
eternium scale mailscale mail220s(-1,-1) [+0,+10] eterniumHM(-1, 2d4)
eternium chain mailchain mail220s(-1,-2) [-1,+11] eterniumH(-1, 2d4) M(-2, 1d6+1)
eternium splint mailsplint mail200s(-1,-2) [-1,+11] eterniumH(-1, 1d8+4) M(-2, 1d8+4)
eternium plate mailplate mail240s(-1,-2) [-1,+13] eterniumH(-1, 1d8+4) M(-2, 1d8+4)
black dragon scale mail 200s(-2,-4) [-2,+11]=AcidadamantiumH(-2, 1d6+2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
blue dragon scale mail 200s(-1,-4) [-1,+10]=ElecadamantiumH(-1, 1d6+1) M(-4, 1d6+2)
red dragon scale mail 220s(-1,-4) [-1,+13]=FireadamantiumH(-1, 1d6+1) M(-4, 1d6+2)
white dragon scale mail 200s(-2,-4) [-2,+11]=ColdadamantiumH(-2, 1d6+2) M(-4, 1d6+2)
moloch armorhulking armor15000s(-8,-16) [-30,+50] {Dx-20} (-20 spd) =Fire [1]eternium H(-8, 3d10) M(-16, 3d10+2)

[1] Wishing for "moloch armors" or "hulking armors" yields eternium plate mails.

Artifact body armor
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+ancient mummy wrappingstrange wrapping60s[+1,+5]{Ap-8} =Cold -Pois -Slee -Stun -Deth +SeeIHM(+0,1d1)
*robes of resistancerobes of resistance60s(-4,-4) [+3,+12]{To+5} -Fire -Acid -ElecHM(-4,1d1)
*fine leather armor "Nature's Companion"leather armor120s(+2,+0) [+2,+8](+15 spd) =Fire =ElecH(+2,1d2) M(+0,1d2)
*Shirt of the Saints 20s[+8,+4]{Le+2} -Slee -Conf +SeeIHM(+0, 1d1)
*Perion's mithril plate mail 450s(-1,-4)
-Fire -AcidH(-1,3d2)

Armor modifiers
Armor prefix Effect
antimagical PP regeneration stops
auto-locking autocursing
beautiful +4 Ap
blue grants fire resistance, currently has a display bug vs red
charged occasional shock damage to PC
empowered increases power point regeneration rate
extra-heavy 4x normal weight
gorgeous +8 Ap
green grants acid resistance
heavy 2x normal weight
light half normal weight
padded grants stun resistance
red grants cold resistance, currently has a display bug vs blue
rotting slows hp regeneration
shining +1 Ap
soft easily damaged
trapped removable only via destruction or transformation with a blessed potion of exchange
ultra heavy 8x normal weight
vigilant +4 Pe
vile reduces Ap and Ch to 1
white grants cold resistance
worm-ridden eventually will cause sickness
yellow grants shock resistance

Armor suffix Effect
of anger forces wearer to use Aggressive tactics
of balance moves alignment towards neutrality
of carrying +50% to carrying capacity
of chaos alignment moves towards chaotic
of damnation dooms
of defense +4 to DV
of hate similar to the unholy aura corruption, causes all NPC's to become hostile
of health helps recovering from diseases
of hunger increases food consumption
of leadership +6 Ch
of life +20% to HP
of order alignment moves towards lawful
of power +20% to PP; no adjustment to Ma stat
of protection +4 PV
of rage does not affect true berserking
of resilience +n to To; +4 - 6 has been observed
of sloth -20 Sp
of speed +5 Sp
of the sea lessens drowning damage - needs quantitation
of travelling halves food consumption in wilderness

Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
leather girdle 5s[+0, +0]  HM(+0, 1d2)
metal girdle 25s[+0, +1] ironHM(+0, 1d4)
mithril girdlemetal girdle20s[+0, +2] mithrilHM(+0, 1d4)
adamantium girdlemetal girdle18s[+0, +3] adamantiumHM(+0, 1d4)
eternium girdlemetal girdle12s[+0, +4] eterniumHM(+0, 1d4)
girdle of weight(strange metal girdle)B:200s U:400s C:600s when equipped[+0, +0]just heavy HM(+0, 1d4)
money belt(leather girdle)5s[+0, +0]prevents pickpocketing  HM(+0, 1d2)
girdle of greed(copper-hewn girdle)7s[+0, +0][1] HM(+0, 1d2)
girdle of carrying(thick girdle)15s[+0, +0]adds capacity HM(+0, 1d2)
girdle of strength(hard girdle)15s[+0, +0] {St+1} HM(+0, 1d2)
girdle of giant strength(bulky girdle)30s[+0, +0] {St+12} HM(+0, 1d4)

[1] A girdle of greed adds carrying capacity in proportion to the amount of gold your PC carries.

Artifact girdles
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+platinum girdle "True Strength"platinum girdle20s(+3,+0) [+18,+9]{Wi+15} (+15 spd) +Rgen -Pois +Luck +Fate -Deth -ConfH(+3,1d2+3) M(+0,1d2)
*girdle of the emperors "Celestrix"golden girdle25s [1] 

[1] Apparently unavailable in ADOM 1.1.1

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
light cloak 20s[+1,+0] HM(+0, 1d1)
hooded cloak 40s[+1,+0]protects worn (at least) items from water damageHM(+0, 1d1)
leather cloak 40s(-1,+0) [+1,+0] H(-1, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)
cloak of adornment(multi-colored cloak)40s[+0,+0]{Ap+4}HM(+0, 1d1)
cloak of defense(warm cloak)20s[+3,+0] HM(+0, 1d1)
cloak of invisibility(fine cloak)30s(-1,+0) [+1,+0]+InviH(-1, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)
cloak of protection(cheap cloak)20s[+0,+3]  HM(+0, 1d1)

Artifact cloaks
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
*cloak of Omandirty cloak20s(+2,+0) [+4,+4]{Dx+8} +TeleH(+2,1d1) M(+0,1d1)
*Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense 30s[+3,+3]-Fire -Cold -Acid -Elec +InviHM(+0,1d1)

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM) [DV,PV] Made of Damage
wooden shield 80s[+3, +1]woodHM(+0, 1d6)
small shield 50s[+2, +0]ironH(+0, 1d6) M(+0, 1d4)
medium shield 100s[+3, +1]ironHM(+0, 1d6)
large shield 120s(-1) [+5, +1]ironH(-1, 1d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower shield 150s(-2) [+7, +0]ironH(-2, 1d5+2) M(+0, 1d8+1)
small mithril shieldsmall shield40s[+3, +1]mithrilH(+0, 1d6) M(+0, 1d4)
medium mithril shieldmedium shield80s[+5, +1]mithrilHM(+0, 1d6)
large mithril shieldlarge shield96s(-1) [+7, +2]mithrilH(-1, 1d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower mithril shieldtower shield120s(-2) [+9, +2]mithrilH(-2, 1d5+2) M(+0, 1d8+1)
small crystal shieldsmall shield72s[+5, +0]crystalH(+0, 1d6) M(+0, 1d4)
medium crystal shieldmedium shield160s[+9, +4]crystalHM(+0, 1d6)
large crystal shieldlarge shield210s(-1) [+10, +2]crystalH(-1, 1d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower crystal shieldtower shield260s(-2) [+13, +4]crystalH(-2, 1d5+2) M(+0, 1d8+1)
small adamantium shieldsmall shield36s[+5, +0]adamantiumH(+0, 1d6) M(+0, 1d4)
medium adamantium shieldmedium shield72s[+7, +2]adamantiumHM(+0, 1d6)
large adamantium shieldlarge shield86s(-1) [+9, +3]adamantiumH(-1, 1d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower adamantium shieldtower shield108(-2) [+11, +2]adamantiumH(-2, 1d5+2) M(+0, 1d8+1)
small eternium shieldsmall shield24s[+7, +1]eterniumH(+0, 2d4+1) M(+0, 1d4)
medium eternium shieldmedium shield46s[+9, +3]eterniumH(+0, 1d12+3) M(+0, 1d6)
large eternium shieldlarge shield54s(-1) [+11, +5]eterniumH(-1, 2d8) M(+0, 1d8)
tower eternium shieldtower shield70s(-1) [+13, +4]eterniumH(-1, 2d10) M(+0, 1d8+1)

Note that throwing shields as missile weapons increases the weapon marks for the shields skill. Likewise, higher shield skill gives bonuses when throwing shields.

Artifact shields
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+Rolf's Savior 120s(+2) [+9,+6]-Fire -Cold -PoisH(+2,1d6)
+shield of raw steel 180s (+2) [+18,+12]{To+8} =Fire =Cold -Pois CHAOSH(+2,1d6)
*medium obsidian shield "Protector"medium shield46s[+20, +4]{To+2} -Slee -Stun -ConfH(+0,1d12+3)
*Lust for Glory 50s(+1) [+5, +5][1] {Wi+3} -Petr -Deth -ParaH(+1,1d6)
*Nature's Friend 80s[+6,+3]-Fire -Cold -Acid -Elec -PoisHM(+0,1d6)

[1] Cannot be generated in ADOM 1.1.1 without patching the executable

Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
brass bracersbrass bracers10s[+0, +0] goldHM(+0, 1d1)
bracers of defensecopper bracers10s[+2, +0] goldHM(+0, 1d1)
bracers of protectionsilver bracers10s[+0, +2] goldHM(+0, 1d1)
bracers of regenerationsteel bracers10s[+0, +0]+RgenironHM(+0, 1d1)
bracers of resistanceiron bracers10s[+0, +0]-Fire -Cold -Elec -Slee -DethironHM(+0, 1d1)
bracers of speedbronze bracers18s[+0, +0](+4 spd)ironHM(+0, 1d1)
bracers of toughnessbone bracers10s[+0, +0]{To+4}bone?HM(+0, 1d1)

Artifact bracers
Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Damage
*bracers of warshining silver bracers10s[+8, +4]{Dx+8} +Rgen +Crit +Luck -Stun -Deth -ConfHM(+16, 1d1)

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Effect Damage Made of
gloves 6s[+0, +0] HM(+0, 1d1) 
studded gloves 6s[+1, +2] HM(+0, 1d1) 
brass knuckles 10s[+0, +0]+3 punch damageHM(+0, 1d1)iron
gauntlets 10s(-1, +0) [+0, +1] H(-1, 1d2) M(+0, 1d2)iron
thick gauntlets 15s(-1, -2) [+0, +1][1]H(-1, 1d4) M(-2, 1d3) 
black leather gauntletsblack gauntlets10s[+0, +1] HM(+0, 1d2) 
blue leather gauntletsblue gauntlets10s[+0, +1] HM(+0, 1d2) 
red leather gauntletsred gauntlets10s[+0, +1] HM(+0, 1d2) 
white leather gauntletswhite gauntlets10s[+0, +1] HM(+0, 1d2) 
alchemistic glovesgloves6s[+0, +0]-Acid -PoisHM(+0, 1d1) 
archery glovesgloves6s(+0, +4) [+0, +0] H(+0, 1d1) M(+4, 1d1) 
boxing glovesgloves6s(+3, -5) [+2, +1] H(+3, 1d1+1) M(-5, 1d1) 
gloves of carryinggloves6s[+0, +0]adds capacityHM(+0, 1d1) 
gloves of dexteritylight gloves6s[+0, +0]{Dx+2}HM(+0, 1d1) 
gloves of smitinggloves6s[+0, +0](+1 damage)HM(+0, 1d1) 
gauntlets of peacegauntlets10s(-15, -15) [+3, +3]AUTOCURSINGHM(-15, 1d2)iron
gauntlets of strengthiron-shod gauntlets40s(-1, +0) [-1, +1]{St+3}H(-1, 1d2) M(+0, 1d2)iron
black dragon-hide gauntletsblack gauntlets10s(-2, +0) [+0, +2]-AcidH(-2, 1d4) M(+0, 1d3)iron
blue dragon-hide gauntletsblue gauntlets10s(-2, +0) [+0, +2]-ElecH(-2, 1d4) M(+0, 1d3)iron
red dragon-hide gauntletsred gauntlets10s(-2, +0) [+0, +2]-FireH(-2, 1d4) M(+0, 1d3)iron
white dragon-hide gauntletswhite gauntlets10s(-2, +0) [+0, +2]-ColdH(-2, 1d4) M(+0, 1d3)iron

[1] Thick gauntlets are the sole workaround for the effects of the Poison Hands corruption.

Artifact gauntlets
Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Damage
+elemental gauntletsgauntlets10s(-1,+0) [+0,+3]-Fire -Cold -ElecH(-1,1d2)
*iron gauntlets "Ironfist"iron gauntlets10s(-1,+0) [+1,+3]{St+7} -StunH(-1, 1d2)
M(+0, 1d2)
*Shezestriakis 10s(-15,-15) [+15,+3]-Fire -Cold -Acid -Elec -Pois AUTOCURSINGHM(-15,1d2)

Name UnID'd Name Weight (MEM,MIM) [DV,PV] Special Made of Damage
sandals 6s[+0, +0]  HM(+0, 1d1)
light boots 20s[+0, +0]  HM(+0, 1d2)
leather boots 25s[+0, +0] leatherHM(+0, 1d2)
heavy boots 30s[-1, +1]  H(+0, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
iron bootsmetal boots120s[-1, +1] ironHM(+0, 1d4)
gnomish boots 10s(+1, +0) [+2, +0]  H(+1, 1d3) M(+0, 1d3)
spiked boots 30s[-1, +1]+5 kick damage H(+0, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
mithril bootsmetal boots96s[-1, +2] mithrilHM(+0, 1d4)
adamantium bootsmetal boots89s[+0, +3] adamantium HM(+0, 1d4)
eternium bootsmetal boots55s[+0, +5] eterniumHM(+0, 1d4)
boots of sneakiness(leather boots)20s[+0, +0]{Dx+2} HM(+0, 1d2)
boots of speed(soft boots)20s[+2, +0](+8 spd) H(+0, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
boots of the slow shuffle(greased boots)20s[-6, +0](-40 spd) AUTOCURSING H(+0, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
seven league boots(worn boots)30s[+1, +0][1] H(+0, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)

[1] Blessed seven league boots reduce the base energy cost of dungeon movement to 500 points, and drastically increase the speed of wilderness movement. See section 0.14.9.

Artifact boots
Name UnID'd Name Weight [DV,PV] Special Damage
+boots of great speed 20s[+5,+0](+30 spd) +Curs +Doom CHAOSH(+0,1d3) M(+0,1d2)
*boots of the divine messenger 25s[+3,+3]{Dx+5} +TCtr -Deth -ParaHM(+0,1d2)

Updated April 1st, 2010