ADOM Guidebook

Appendix B - Weapons - complete list

One-handed weapons
Two-handed weapons
Artifact melee weapons
Missile weapons
Weapon modifiers
Missile modifiers

One-handed weapons
Name UnID'd name Weight Melee damage Missile damage Made of Special
Daggers and knives
knife knife 8s (+0, 1d3) (+0, 1d3) iron  
scalpel scalpel 2s (+2, 1d3+1) (+0, 1d3) iron?  
orcish knife crude knife 10s (+0, 1d3+2) (+0, 1d3+2) iron  
dagger dagger 10s (+0, 1d4) (+0, 1d4) iron  
skull dagger dagger 10s (+0, 1d4+1) (+0, 1d4) iron  
orcish dagger orcish dagger 10s (+1, 1d4+2) (+0, 1d4) iron  
knife of endurance knife 8s (+6, 1d3+6) (+0, 1d3) iron {To+4}, +Rgen
rabbit knife rabbit knife 8s (+0, 1d3+4) (+0, 1d3+4) iron slays battle bunnies
mithril dagger dagger 8s (+0, 1d4+3) (+0, 1d4+3) mithril  
crystal dagger dagger 25s (+0, 2d3+4) (+0, 1d4+2) crystal  
adamantium dagger dagger 7s (+0, 1d4+5) (+0, 1d4+5) adamantium  
eternium dagger dagger 5s (+0, 2d4+7) (+0, 2d4+7) eternium  
orcish dagger bloody dagger 10s (+3, 2d3+6) (+0, 1d4) iron +Crit
dagger of death dagger 10s (+1, 5d5+2) (+0, 1d4) iron  
phase dagger gray dagger 5s (+0, 1d4) (+0, 1d4) iron bypasses PV
Clubs and hammers
club club 30s (+0, 1d6) (+0, 1d4)    
cudgel cudgel 40s (+0, 2d4+1) [-1, +0] (+0, 1d4)    
heavy cudgel heavy cudgel 70s (-1, 2d5+2) [-2, +0] (+0, 1d5)    
stone club stone club 70s (+0, 1d6) (+0, 1d4) stone invulnerable to acid (jellies)
skull club skull club 30s (+0, 1d6+1) (+0, 1d4)    
warhammer warhammer 60s (+0, 2d3) (+0, 1d4) iron  
large hammer large hammer 120s (-1, 1d10+2) (-6, 1d6) iron  
mithril warhammer warhammer 48s (+0. 2d3+3) (+0, 1d4+3) mithril  
adamantium warhammer warhammer 43s (+0, 2d3+6) (+0, 1d4+6) adamantium  
eternium warhammer warhammer 29s (+0, 4d3+8) (+0, 1d4+8) eternium  
large mithril hammer large hammer 96s (-1, 1d10+5) (-6, 1d6+3) mithril  
large adamantium hammer large hammer 89s (-1, 1d10+8) (-6, 1d6+6) adamantium  
large eternium hammer large hammer 55s (-1, 2d10+10) (-4, 1d6+8) eternium  
Maces and flails
mace mace 100s (+0, 1d6+1) (+0, 1d4) iron  
heavy mace heavy mace 200s (+3, 2d5+3) [-2, +0] (+0, 1d4) iron  
flail flail 150s (+0, 2d4+2) (+0, 1d4) iron  
morning star morning star 175s (+1, 2d5+1) [-2, +0] (+0, 2d3) iron  
mithril mace mace 80s (+0, 1d6+4) (+0, 1d4+3) mithril  
adamantium mace mace 72s (+0, 1d6+6) (+0, 1d4+5) adamantium  
eternium mace mace 55s (+0, 2d6+8) (+0, 2d4+7) eternium  
mace of destruction mace 120s (+4, 5d6+6) (-4, 3d4+7) adamantium  
mace of disruption mace 100s (+2, 2d4+2) (+0, 1d4) iron !Unde
mithril flail flail 120s (+0, 2d4+5) (+0, 1d4+3) mithril  
adamantium flail flail 108s (+0, 2d4+8) (+0, 1d4+6) adamantium  
eternium flail flail 66s (+0, 4d4+10) (+0, 1d4+8) eternium  
short sword short sword 30s (+0, 1d6) (-4, 1d3) iron  
long sword long sword 40s (+0, 1d8) (-6, 1d3) iron  
broadsword broadsword 80s (+0, 1d7+1) (-7, 1d4+1) iron  
scimitar scimitar 40s (+0, 1d8) (+0, 1d4) iron  
mithril long sword long sword 32s (+0, 1d8+3) (-6, 1d3+3) mithril  
adamantium long sword long sword 28s (+0, 1d8+5) (-6, 1d3+5) adamantium  
eternium long sword long sword 20s (+0, 2d8+7) (-4, 2d3+7) eternium  
sword of sharpness long sword 35s (+0, 4d8+6) (-6, 1d3+5) iron  
mithril broadsword broadsword 64s (+0, 1d7+4) (-7, 1d4+4) mithril  
adamantium broadsword broadsword 57s (+0, 1d7+7) (-7, 1d4+7) adamantium  
eternium broadsword broadsword 38s (+0, 2d7+9) (-5, 1d4+10) eternium  
mithril scimitar scimitar 32s (+0, 1d8+3) (+0, 1d4+3) mithril  
adamantium scimitar scimitar 28s (+0, 1d8+6) (+0, 1d4+6) adamantium  
eternium scimitar scimitar 19s (+0, 2d8+8) (+0, 1d4+8) eternium  
hand axe hand axe 50s (+0, 1d6) (+0, 1d6) iron  
hatchet hatchet 50s (+0, 1d6+1) (-1, 1d6+1) iron  
pick axe pick axe 75s (+0, 1d6+1) (+0, 1d6-1) nonmetallic - does not rust, not smithable but will corrode and melt  
battle axe battle axe 70s (+0, 1d6+2) (-4, 1d4) iron  
orcish battle axe crude battle axe 120s (-1, 1d7+3) (-2, 1d6+2) iron  
stone axe stone axe 170s (+0, 1d7+1) (-4, 1d4) stone invulnerable to acidic creatures
sickle sickle 55s (+0, 1d4+2) (+0, 1d4) iron  
mithril battle axe battle axe 56s (+0, 1d6+5) (-4, 1d4+3) mithril  
adamantium battle axe battle axe 50s (+0, 1d6+7) (-4, 1d4+5) adamantium  
eternium battle axe battle axe 35s (+0, 2d6+9) (-3, 2d4+7) eternium  
whip whip 15s (-4, 1d3) (+0, 1d2)    
scourge scourge 25s (-4, 1d3+3) (+0, 1d2+1)    
whip of slaughtering whip 15s (-4, 1d30) (+0, 1d2)   +Crit
whip of the snake whip 15s (-2, 5d2+7) (+0, 1d2)   -Pois, {Dx+n} (+n spd) n=7 is base value, can vary from 4 to 10
Pole arms
short spear short spear 40s (+1, 1d6) (+0, 1d4) iron  
spear spear 50s (+1, 1d8) (+0, 1d4) iron  
orcish spear crude spear 75s (+1, 1d8+2) (+0, 1d6+2) iron  
heavy spear heavy spear 100s (-1, 1d8+2) (-3, 1d6+1) iron  
stone spear stone spear 120s (+0, 1d8) (+0, 1d4) stone invulnerable to acid (jellies)
mithril spear spear 40s (+1, 1d8+3) (+0, 1d4+3) mithril  
adamantium spear spear 36s (+1, 1d8+6) (+0, 1d4+6) adamantium  
eternium spear spear 25s (+2, 2d8+8) (+0, 1d4+8) eternium  

Two-handed weapons
Name UnID'd name Weight Melee damage Missile damage Made of Special
Clubs and hammers
huge iron hammer huge iron hammer 200s (-1, 2d9+2) [-3, +0] (-10, 1d10) iron  
Maces & flails
heavy flail heavy flail 200s (+2, 4d4+2) [-3, +0] (+0, 2d4) iron  
Pole arms
halberd halberd 100s (+4, 2d7+1) [-2, +0] (-8, 2d4+2) iron  
trident trident 70s (+2, 3d5+1) (-2, 3d3+2) iron  
scythe scythe 80s (+1, 2d6+1) [-1, +0] (+0, 1d3) iron  
mithril halberd halberd 80s (+7, 2d7+4) [-2, +0] (-5, 2d4+5) mithril  
adamantium halberd halberd 70s (+9, 2d7+6) [-2, +0] (-3, 2d4+7) adamantium  
eternium halberd halberd 50s (+11, 4d7+8) [-2, +0] (-1, 4d4+9) eternium  
halberd of defense halberd 80s (+7, 2d7+4) [+18, +0] (-5, 2d4+5) iron  
Two-handed weapons
heavy club heavy club 120s (+1, 1d10+2) [-1, +0] (-4, 1d10+1)    
heavy skull club heavy skull club 120s (+1, 1d10+3) [-1, +0] (-4, 1d10+1)    
great axe great axe 105s (+2, 2d7+3) [-2, +0] (-6, 1d10+3) iron  
two-handed sword two-handed sword 100s (+3, 3d5+3) [-1, +0] (-8, 2d4+2) iron  
mithril two-handed sword two-handed sword 80s (+6, 3d5+6) [-1, +0] (-5, 2d4+5) mithril  
adamantium two-handed sword two-handed sword 70s (+12, 3d5+12) [-1, +0] (-3, 2d4+7) adamantium  
eternium two-handed sword two-handed sword 50s (+18, 6d5+18) [-1, +0] (-1, 4d4+9) eternium  
two-handed sword of parrying two-handed sword 100s (+3, 3d5+3) [+16, +0] (-8, 2d4+2) iron  
quarterstaff quarterstaff 40s (+0, 1d10) (+0, 1d4)    
skull staff skull staff 40s (+0, 1d10+1) (+0, 1d2)    
iron-shod quarterstaff quarterstaff 80s (+1, 1d10+5) (+0, 1d4+2) iron  
mithril-shod quarterstaff quarterstaff 64s (+0, 1d10+6) (+0, 1d4+6) mithril  
adamantium-shod quarterstaff quarterstaff 57s (+0, 1d10+8) (+0, 1d4+8) adamantium  
eternium-shod quarterstaff quarterstaff 40s (+0, 2d10+10) (+0, 2d4+10) eternium  
quicksilver quarterstaff quarterstaff 20s (+6, 5d3+5) [+3, +0] (+0, 5d2+6) iron (+20 spd)
staff of power quarterstaff 40s (+0, 1d10+2) [+1, +1] (+0, 1d2)   {Wi+4}
staff of smiting quarterstaff 30s (+4, 1d37+2) (-4, 1d20-4)    
staff of the magi quarterstaff 40s (+2, 1d10+2) [+3, +3] (+0, 1d2)   {Ma+6}

Artifact weapons
Name UnID'd name Weight Melee damage Missile damage Special Category
*ebony spear "Bugbiter" ebony spear 100s (+3,4d7+3) [+1,+1] (+0,4d7) {Dx+3} -Pois !Inse pole arms
*mighty morning star "Grod" mighty morning star 220s (+16,5d10+5) [-8,+0] (+0,2d6) =Fire -Stun +Crit !Gian !Demo twohanded weapons
+dwarven rune axe "Rolf's Companion" dwarven rune axe 50s (+3,3d6+6) [+4,+4] (+4,3d8+4) {To+3} -Fire returns axes
*silvery two-handed sword "Vanquisher" silvery two-handed sword 300s (+3,6d5+3) [-3,+0] (-8,2d4+2) !Demo !Drag !Unde !Unli !Huma !Gian !Jell two-handed weapons
*emerald dagger "Serpent's Bite" (+3, 3d4+3) [+3, +1] emerald dagger 13s (+3,3d4+3) [+3,+1] (+9,3d6) -Pois +Crit !Huma daggers and knives
+black rune-covered dagger "Needle" dagger 10s (+8,3d4) [+4,+1] (+8,3d4) Sting has the same base properties, but Needle + Sting become enormously powerful when dual-wielded daggers and knives
+rune-covered trident rune-covered trident 80s (+6,3d12+6) [+4,+4] (+2,3d8+4) {Dx+12} =Cold +WBre +SeeI !Unde !Demo returns pole arms
*rune-covered halberd "Wyrmlance" rune-covered halberd 50s (+15,4d8+10) [-2,+0] (-1,5d4+9) -Stun !Drag pole arms
*scorched spear scorched spear 50s (+2,3d8+1) [+2,+0] (+0,2d4) =Cold !Plan pole arms
*dwarven pick axe "Hammerhead"   90s (+2,2d10+4) [+2,+2] (+0,1d10-2) {To+3} -Fire -Stun axes
*staff of the archmagi quarterstaff 40s (+5, 5d2+2) [+9, +0] (+0,1d2) {Ma+10} -Acid -Slee -Conf staves
*rune-covered heavy mace "Purifier" heavy mace 200s (+5,4d5+5) [-4,+1] (+0,1d4) {Wi+4} +Luck !Demo !Unde !Unli maces and flails
*shining long spear "Soaker" shining long spear 10s (+9,3d7) [+3,+0] (+36,10d4) -Pois -Para -Conf !Jell pole arms
+Sceptre of Chaos   800s (+8, 6d6+8) [-8, +0] (+0,1d4+20) {Ma+8} (+8 spd) +Curs +Doom -Pois -Elec CHAOS maces & flails
*rune-covered club "Skullcrusher" rune-covered club 120s (+12, 3d6+2) [-3, +0] (0+,1d4) {St +4} -Stun -Conf !Huma clubs and hammers
*jet-black battle axe "Executor" jet-black battle axe 90s (+2,5d6+6) [-4,+1] (-4,5d3+2) {St +3} (+3 spd) +Curs -Conf -Elec -Slee -Stun !Demo !Huma axes
+axe of the minotaur emperor great axe 1200s (+12,3d20+16) [-6,+4] (-12,3d16+6) +Crit -Conf twohanded weapons
+sword of Nonnak broadsword 80s (+2,4d3+2) [+2, +2] (-2,3d3+1) {Wi+5} -Cold -Deth swords
+golden gladius "Death's Sting" golden gladius 30s (+2,2d5+2) [+3,+3] (-4,1d3) (+7 spd) swords
+lead-filled mace "Big Punch" lead-filled mace 800s (+1,8d5+3) [-6,+0] (+0,1d4) -Stun maces and flails
*thin dagger "Cat's Claw" thin dagger 10s (+4,3d3) (+0,3d3) {Dx+8} daggers and knives
+Trident of the Red Rooster red trident 150s (+36,6d12+18) [+12,+12] (+8,9d8+16) {Ma+24} =Fire =Cold =Acid =Elec +WBre +SeeI -Deth !Unde !Demo returns pole arms
*hammer of the gods   400s (+1,7d6+8) [-6,+0] (-6,3d10) =Elec returns clubs and hammers
+scythe of corruption "Moon Sickle" ancient scythe 70s (+6,10d4+6) [+2,+2] (+0,1d4) AUTOCURSING chaos pole arms
*black long sword "Kinslayer" black long sword 80s (+3,4d5+3) [+4,+4] (-6,1d3) !Huma AUTOCURSING swords
*ancient claymore "Death's Blade"   400s (+6,6d8+6) [+4,+0] (-8,2d4+2) -Deth twohanded weapons
*jet-black glaive "Long Sting" jet-black glaive 100s (+4,7d3) [+4,+0] (+66,7d4) {Pe+6} (+6 spd) -Para pole arms
*rune covered long sword "Trusted One" (+1, 5d3) [+7, +7] rune covered long sword 60s (+1,5d3) [+7,+7] (-6,1d3) -Fire -Cold -Acid -Elec -Slee -Petr -Stun -Deth -Para swords
*staff of the Wanderer   40s (+2,3d8+2) [+6,+3] (+0,1d2) {To+6} =Elec -Fire -Slee staves
*holy avenger "Justifier" (+4,3d5+10) [+6,+2] long sword 60s (+4,3d5+10) [+6,+2] (-6,3d5) !Unde !Demo swords
*heavy cudgel "Black Thumb" heavy cudgel 50s (+1,5d3+4) [-2,+0] (+0,5d3) {To+3} -Slee !Plan clubs and hammers

Missile weapons
Name UnID'd name Weight Melee damage Missile damage Made of Special
sling sling 3s (+0, 1d2) (+0, 1d1+1)    
sling of accuracy sling 3s (+0, 1d2) (+5, 1d1+1)    
sling of the long shot sling 3s (+0, 1d2) (+2, 1d1+1)   double range
short bow short bow 20s (+0, 1d2) (+1, 1d3)    
long bow long bow 30s (+0, 1d2) (+2, 1d2+2)    
short bow of accuracy short bow 20s (+0, 1d2) (+6, 1d3)    
long bow of accuracy long bow 30s (+0, 1d2) (+8, 1d2+2)    
long bow of hunting long bow 30s (+0, 1d2) (+6, 1d2+3)   increased chance of corpse generation for animals
hand crossbow hand crossbow 30s (+0, 1d2) (+0, 1d2) iron uses tiny quarrels
light crossbow light crossbow 70s (+0, 1d4) (+2, 1d4) iron  
heavy crossbow heavy crossbow 140s (-3, 1d6) (+3, 1d3+3) iron  
light crossbow of accuracy light crossbow 70s (+0, 1d4) (+8, 1d4) iron  
heavy crossbow of accuracy heavy crossbow 140s (-3, 1d6) (+9, 1d3+3) iron  

Artifact missile weapons
Name UnID'd name Weight Melee Damage Missile damage Special Category
*rune-covered sling "Whirlwind" rune-covered sling 3s (+0,1d2) (+12,1d1+12) -Fire slings
*elven long bow "Sun's Messenger" elven long bow 30s (+0,2d6) (+15,2d6+15) !Unde bows
*heavy crossbow "The Far Slayer" heavy crossbow 350s (-3,1d6) (+18,1d3+18)   crossbows

Weapon modifiers
Weapon prefix Effect
ashen does no damage against undead
balanced +4 to-hit
barbaric -4 to-hit, +4 to-damage
barbed +3 damage
brutal +1 extra damage die
chaotic +1d8 damage to lawfuls
corrupting corrupts wielder
extra heavy 4x normal weight
fickle low(er) chance of hitting
flaming +2d6 fire damage
fragile 1/6 chance of breaking on each hit
frozen +2d6 ice damage
green -Acid
hateful +2d6 damage when berserk
heavy 2x normal weight
hefty +20% weight, -1 to-hit, +4 to-damage
lawful +1d8 damage to chaotics
light half normal weight
masterwork +3 to-hit
mild only deals 20% of stated damage
murderous +Crit
nasty +1 to the damage dice used
poisonous permanently poisoned
red -Fire
swift +5 speed
ultra heavy 8x normal weight
unbalanced +1d8 damage to neutrals
unwieldy -8 to-hit
weeping increased chance to cause bleeding wounds
white -Cold
wicked +3 to the damage dice used
yellow -Elec

Weapon suffix Effect
of corruption corrupts opponent
of damnation +Doom
of defense +6 DV using defensive, very defensive or coward tactics
of devastation +4 damage dice, +6 damage
of fumbling abuses Dx
of hunting increased chance to generate corpses
of lightning +2d6 shock damage
of mayhem +2 damage dice, +6 damage
of might +2 St, +2 To
of penetration bypasses PV
of power +20% to PP?
of surrendering abuses Wi
of slaughtering damage die increased by +2; extra damage die added
of the eagle +5 Sp, +4 Pe
of the sun doubles damage against undead
of the void occasionally makes enemies panic and flee
of thunder chance of stunning opponent
of vampirism drains opponent's HP, draws wielder's alignment towards C
of weakness abuses St

Thanks to ToGu for contributing the odds of obtaining weapons with a prefix, suffix or both:

Prefixes and suffixes are evenly distributed.
4/6 of items have a chance to have a prefix.
4/6 of items have a chance to have a suffix.
2/6 of items have a chance to have both a prefix and a suffix.

The chance to actually get the prefix/suffix is then 1/(10-(LEVEL/10))

For a L50 character this means:
Prefix: (4/6)/(10-(50/10)) = 2/15 =13.3333%
Suffix: (4/6)/(10-(50/10)) = 2/15 =13.3333%
Both: (2/6)/(10-(50/10))/(10-(50/10)) =1/75 = 1.3333%

For a L1 character this means:
Prefix: (4/6)/(10-(1/10)) =2/30 = 6.6667%
Suffix: (4/6)/(10-(1/10)) =2/30 = 6.6667%
Both: (2/6)/(10-(1/10))/(10-(1/10)) =1/300 =0.3333%

NameUnID'd name WeightMissile damageMelee damageMade ofSpecial
rockrock5s(+0, 1d4) (-2, 1d4)   wielded rocks receive to-hit and to-damage bonuses based on the thrown rocks skill but do not grant weapon marks
huge rockhuge rock1000s(-10, 10d6) (-10, 1d20)    
lead sling bullet sling bullet3s(+3, 1d5) (-2, 1d4) iron rustproof
mithril sling bulletsling bullet3s(+4, 2d5) (-2, 1d4) mithril 
adamantium sling bullet sling bullet3s(+4, 3d4) (-2, 1d4) adamantium  
eternium sling bullet sling bullet3s(+5, 3d5) (-2, 1d4) eternium  
sling bullet of crashingsling bullet3s(+5, 5d5) (-2, 1d4) eternium  
sling bullet of demon slaying sling bullet3s(+3, 2d3) (-2, 1d4) eternium !Demo
arrow arrow 2s(+0, 1d6) (+0, 1d3)    
mithril arrow arrow 2s(+0, 1d6+3) (+0, 1d3+3) mithril 
adamantium arrowarrow 1s(+1, 1d6+6) (+0, 1d3+6) adamantium  
eternium arrowarrow 1s(+1, 2d6+8) (+0, 2d3+8) eternium  
arrow of construct slayingarrow 2s(+3, 1d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Cons
arrow of demon slayingarrow 2s(+3, 1d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Demo
arrow of dragon slaying arrow 2s(+3, 1d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Drag
arrow of giant slayingarrow 2s(+3, 1d10+3)(+0, 1d3)   !Gian
arrow of humanoid slaying arrow 2s(+3, 1d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Huma
arrow of jelly slayingarrow 2s(+3, 2d4+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Jell
arrow of undead slaying arrow 2s(+3, 2d4+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Unde
quarrel quarrel 2s(+1, 2d6) (+0, 1d4) iron  
black hurthling quarrel tiny quarrel2s(+1, 1d3+2) (-2, 1d3) iron for hand xbow
dark elven quarreltiny quarrel2s(+3, 1d4+3) (-2, 1d3) iron for hand xbow
mithril quarrel quarrel 2s(+1, 2d6+3) (+0, 1d4+3) mithril 
adamantium quarrelquarrel 1s(+1, 2d6+6) (+0, 1d4+6) adamantium  
eternium quarrelquarrel 1s(+1, 4d6+8) (+0, 2d4+8) eternium  
quarrel of construct slayingquarrel 4s(+3, 2d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Cons
quarrel of demon slayingquarrel 4s(+3, 2d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Demo
quarrel of dragon slaying quarrel 4s(+3, 2d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Drag
quarrel of giant slayingquarrel 4s(+3, 2d8+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Gian
quarrel of humanoid slaying quarrel 4s(+3, 2d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Huma
quarrel of jelly slayingquarrel 4s(+3, 2d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Jell
quarrel of undead slaying quarrel 4s(+3, 2d6+3) (+0, 1d3)   !Unde
Thrown daggers
throwing knifethrowing knife8s(+1, 1d3+2) (+0, 1d2) iron  
dagger of returning thin dagger 10s (+2, 1d4) (+0, 1d4) iron returns
Thrown rocks & clubs
rockrock5s(+0, 1d4) (-2, 1d4) stone 
huge rock huge rock 1000s (-10, 10d6) (-10, 1d20) stone 
throwing club throwing club 30s (+0, 1d8) (-1, 1d5)    
heavy throwing club throwing club 80s (-2, 2d6+4) (-1, 1d5)    
curved throwing clubthrowing club 30s (+0, 2d5) (-1, 1d5)   returns
throwing club of deaththrowing club 40s (+0, 4d6+4) (-1, 1d5)    
Thrown spears
spear of returningshort spear 40s (+2, 1d8) (+1, 1d6) iron returns
javelin of deathblack javelin 40s (+9, 6d6) (+1, 2d3) iron  
javelin of doom obsidian javelin40s (+9, 6d6) (+1, 2d3) iron returns, +Doom
Boomerangs & scurgari
boomerang strange stick 20s (+3, 2d4+1) (-2, 1d3)   returns
drakish scurgar drakish scurgar 10s (+2, 1d8+2) (+0, 1d3) iron  
mithril drakish scurgar drakish scurgar 8s(+5, 1d8+5) (+3, 1d3+3) mithril 
adamantium drakish scurgardrakish scurgar 7s(+7, 1d8+7) (+5, 1d3+5) adamantium  
eternium drakish scurgardrakish scurgar 5s(+9, 2d8+9) (+7, 1d3+7) eternium  
drakish scurgar of deathdrakish scurgar 10s (+12, 6d8+6)(+0, 1d3) iron  
drakish scurgar of returningdrakish scurgar 10s (+2, 2d6+2) (+0, 1d3) iron returns

Artifact missiles
Name UnID'd name Weight Missile damage Melee damage Category
silvery arrow "True Aim" silvery arrow 2s (+10,15d5) (+0,1d3) bows
obsidian quarrel "Thunderstroke" obsidian quarrel 2s (+8,20d4+8) (+0,1d4) crossbows

Missile modifiers
Missile prefix Effect
balanced +4 to-hit
barbed +6 to-damage
delicate probably increased chance to break
griffon-feathered +4 range
penetrating probably ignores PV
unbalanced -8 to-hit
unerring always hits target; can only be used once
weighted +4 to-damage, 1/2 range
winged 3x range

Missile suffix Effect
of darkness chance to blind target on a successful hit
of damnation +Doom
of defense +6 DV using defensive, very defensive or coward tactics
of hunting increased chance for corpses
of slaying slays everything
of targetting +6 to-hit
of thunder chance of stunning target on a successful hit

Updated April 1st, 2010