ADOM Guidebook

Appendix C - Tools - complete list

NameUnID'd nameWeightSpecial Damage
adamantium ingotmetal ingot12s for smithing adamantium items H(+0,1d4) M(-4,1d4)
anvil   1000s required for smithing [-3,+0] H(-8,2d10) M(-4,2d10)
bandage   2sstops bleedingHM(+0,1d1)
box with flint and steel  5shalf of a firemaking setHM(-4,1d2)
climbing set  180srequired to climb mountains H(-3,1d8) M(-6,1d6)
cooking set   100srequired to cookH(-3,1d8) M(-6,1d6)
eternium ingotmetal ingot8sfor smithing eternium items H(+0,1d4) M(-4,1d4)
everburning torch   10s fire damage when used as a weapon, increases PC's visibility radius, never runs out of fuel [+1,+0] H(+1,2d4+2) M(+0,1d6+1)
figurine of wondrous powerfigurine   H(-8, 4d4) M(-8, 3d4+1)
fireproof blanketblanket10s protects pack; consumable HM(+0, 1d1)
fletchery set  70s required to make missiles H(-3,1d8) M(-6,1d6)
fluff ball 2sadd water for gremlinsH(+0,1d1) M(-4,1d1)
giant boar skull 300sinvolved in a quest H(-4,1d12) M(-10,1d12)
golden ball 10s involved in a quest H(-2,1d4) M(+0,1d4)
hexagonal key 1sunlocks hexagonal locks HM(-8, 1d1)
holy symbol 5sgod-o-meter, may turn undeadHM(+0, 1d2)
iron ingotmetal ingot20s for smithing iron items H(+0, 1d4) M(-4, 1d4)
log  800sget from felling trees; used for bridge building[-3,+0] H(-12,2d10+4) M(-8,2d10)
magical writing setwriting set for creating magical scrolls; disappear after one use regardless of charges remaining if the PC's Mana stat is at one, items that grant +Ma do not affect this, workaround: potions of boost manaH(+0, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)
mithril ingotmetal ingot14sfor smithing mithril itemsH(+0,1d4) M(-4,1d4)
piece of adamantium orerock with metal veins100sfor smithing adamantium ingotsH(+0, 1d4) M(-4, 1d4)
piece of eternium orerock with metal veins90sfor smithing eternium ingotsH(+0, 1d4) M(-4, 1d4)
piece of iron orerock with metal veins120sfor smithing iron ingotsH(+0, 1d4) M(-4, 1d4)
piece of mithril orerock with metal veins110sfor smithing mithril ingots H(+0, 1d4) M(-4, 1d4)
plain blanketblanket10s can be polymorphedHM(+0,1d1)
round key 1sunlocks round locks HM(-8,1d1)
small key 1sunlocks small locks HM(-8,1d1)
statue  kick for gems H(-8, 4d4) M(-8, 3d4+1)
stethoscope   reveals monster statistcs H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d2)
square key 1sunlocks square locksHM(-8,1d1)
thieves picks  10s required to pick locksH(+0, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)
tinderbox 3shalf of a firemaking setH(-4, 1d2) M(-4, 1d2)
tiny key 1sunlocks tiny locksHM(-8,1d1)
torch  10s light for ~1000 turns H(1d4)+(1d4)fire damage
triangular key  1sunlocks triangular locksHM(-8,1d1)
waterproof blanketblanket10s protects pack from immersionHM(+0,1d1)
wooden stick 30swood for missiles H(+0, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)

Artifact tools
NameUnID'd nameWeightSpecialDamage
+si strange item 10s replicates H(+0,1d4) M(-4,1d4)
+phial of Caladriel crystal phial2suses up the PC's power points to generate lightHM(+0,1d2)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Air   100s{Dx+10}; air elemental pet + corruption when used H(+3,2d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth   100s{To+10}; earthquake + corruption when usedH(+3,3d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire  100s{St+10}; fireball + corruption when usedH(+3,2d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana  100s{Ma+10}; full PP; +3 Ma + corruption when used H(+3,1d16+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
+Chaos Orb of Elemental Water   100s{Wi+10}; full HP + corruption when usedH(+3,2d9+3) M(+3,1d10+3)
*silver key   1sunlocks all doors and bypasses all door traps, even if cursed HM(-8,1d1)

Name Weight Damage
fiddle 15sH(-1, 1d2) M(+0, 1d1)
flute3s H(-3, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)
glockenspiel 120s H(-2, 1d5) M(+0, 1d3)
harp 30sH(-1, 1d4) M(+0, 1d3)
lute 20sH(-1, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
mandoline23sH(-1, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
tamborine5s H(-1, 1d3) M(+0, 1d2)
whistle1s H(-3, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)

The weight approximates the effectiveness of an instrument.

Other items that can be used in the tool slot
Name Effect of using
whip self-flagellation; moves alignment towards lawful
whip of slaughtering self-flagellation; moves alignment towards lawful
whip of the snakeself-flagellation; moves alignment towards lawful
scourgeself-flagellation; moves alignment towards lawful
hatchetchops trees
pick axe (and Hammerhead)smashes stone
moss patch of mareilon blessed or uncursed trains Dx; cursed abuses Dx
spenseweed restores HP; cursed least effective, blessed most effective
crystal of darknessdarkens area around PC
crystal of firecreates fireball (no effect?); thrown creates remote fireball
crystal of healthrestores HP
crystal of knowledge magic maps small area; blessed may increase Le +1 or +2 limit ~30
crystal of light lights area around PC
crystal of power restores PP

Updated January 13th, 2008