ADOM Guidebook

Appendix E - Potions - complete list

NameUnID'D nameWeightEffectRemarks
Balance Gray 4s Adjusts stats toward the stats' average In ADOM 1.0.0+, potions of balance may draw alignment towards N=, depending on b/u/c status - needs further testing
Beauty Silvery 4s +Ap  
Berzio Brown 2s Food (can be drunk even when bloated) Pacifies animals when thrown - a very brief effect
Blindness Amber 2s Blinds (temporary) Blinds monsters when thrown
Boost appearanceBlubbery 2s +Ap (temporary)  
Boost charismaLight blue 2s +Ch (temporary)  
Boost dexterityLight red 2s +Dx (temporary)  
Boost learning Mercury 2s +Le (temporary)  
Boost manaRusty 2s +Ma (temporary)  
Boost perceptionBright 2s +Pe (temporary)  
Boost speedThin 2s +Speed (temporary)  
Boost strengthLight green 2s +St (temporary)  
Boost toughnessTurquoise 2s +To (temporary)  
Boost willpower Light cyan 2s +Wi (temporary)  
BoozeBlack 4s Confuses (temporary) Recharges wands, Yggaz trades random potions for potions of booze
Carrot juice Orange 4s +1 Pe limit 20 +5 Pe when drunk in a room that smells like carrots; Blup will teach Swimming when given enough potions of carrot juice; always "orange potion"
CharismaMurky 4s +Ch  
Confusion Green 2s Confuses (temporary) Confuses monsters when thrown
Cure corruptionMottled 2s Removes about 0.6 corruptions if blessed Damages (B:300 U:150 C:50) creatures that corrupt by touch when thrown; quest object for Gaab'Baay
Cure poisonCyan 2s Cures poisoning  
Deafness Red 2s Deafens (temporary) Blessed potions of deafness seem to be buggy; most often they do nothing, sometimes they permanently deafen the PC
Dexterity Muddy 4s +Dx  
EducationDull 2s Trains an existing skill or grants a new one  
ExchangeGolden 4s Exchanges attributes Dipped items are exchanged if the potion is blessed; throw to exchange monsters
Extra healing Blue 2s Restores HP (max 333 HP if blessed), cures sickness (100% chance only if blessed) Blessed permanently increases HP 1-2 points
Gain attributesGlowing 4s +1 to one (uncursed) or all (blessed) stats  
Healing Swirly 4s Restores a few HP, cures sickness (100% chance only if blessed) Blessed has ~35% chance to permanently increase HP one point
Insight Magenta 2s Reveals your intrinsic resistances and regeneration rates  
InvisibilityClear 4s Makes invisible (temporary), cursed blinds PC Cursed blinds enemies when thrown
Learning Misty 4s +Le  
LongevityPurple 4s Delays penalties of aging, probably reverses effects of eating quickling royalty  
Mana Blazing 4s +Ma Recharges wands
OilSlimy 2s Poisons Waterproofs items (may fail), 'U'se to silence squeaky boards
Oil of rust removal White 2s Poisons Rusts dipped items if cursed, removes rust from rusty items if uncursed, rustproofs nonrusty items if blessed; always "white potion"
PoisonOily 4s Poisons Poisons dipped weapons
Potential beauty Clotted 4s +Ap ceiling  
Potential charisma Translucent 4s +Ch ceiling  
Potential dexterityShiny 4s +Dx ceiling  
Potential learningThick 4s +Le ceiling  
Potential manaLight 4s +Ma ceiling Does not recharge wands
Potential strengthViscous 4s +St ceiling  
Potential toughnessHeavy 4s +To ceiling Highly satiating
Potential willpowerSpeckled 4s +Wi ceiling  
Quickling BloodOpaque 2s +Speed  
Raw chaosFlickering 2s Severely corrupts Dipped items are exchanged; occasionally dipped items will explode, causing ~4 corruptions and 100-200 points of damage
Raw mana Sparkling 2s Increases mana regeneration rate Does not recharge wands
SicknessLight magenta 2s Sickens Sickens monsters when thrown
Strength Bubbly 4s +St  
Stun recovery Icky 2s A joke, potions can't be drunk when stunned  
Toughness Sandy 4s +To Highly satiating
TrainingLight Yellow 2s Trains an existing skill  
Troll bloodBlood red 2s Increases healing rate for non-trolls  
Ultra healing Rainbow-hued 2s Restores HP (max 333 HP if blessed), cures sickness (100% chance only if blessed) Blessed permanently increases HP 1-3 points
Uselessness Violet 2s No effect Artifact gift granted on D: 49 when thrown
VisibilitySmelly 4s Removes invisibility (temporary) When thrown at an invisible monster, the monster becomes visible (temporary?)
Water Watery 4s Tastes like muddy water (unholy), plain water (uncursed), fresh and clean water (holy) Uncursed clears scrolls and rusts iron; dip items in holy water to bless them, unholy water to curse them; always "watery potion"
Willpower Pink 4s +Wi  
Wonder Shimmering 2s grants knowledge of a random spell (even Wish)  
Youth Milky 4s Reverses unnatural aging  

Artifact potions
Name UnID'd Name Weight Special Damage
+potion of literacy sulphuric potion 2s grants Literacy when drunk HM(+0,1d2)
+phial of Caladriel crystal phial 2s uses PC's PP to generate light HM(+0,1d2)

Updated June 25th, 2009