ADOM Guidebook

Appendix F - Books and Scrolls - complete list

Acid BallImproved Fireball
Acid BoltInvisibility
Burning HandsKnow Alignment
Calm MonsterLight
Create ItemLightning Ball
Cure Critical WoundsLightning Bolt
Cure DiseaseMagic Lock
Cure Light WoundsMagic Map
Cure Serious WoundsMagic Missile
DarknessMystic Shovel
Death RayNeutralize Poison
Destroy UndeadPetrification
Disarm TrapRemove Curse
FarsightScare Monster
Fire BoltSlow Monster
FireballSlow Poison
Frost BoltStrength of Atlas
Greater IdentifyStun Ray
HealSummon Monsters
Ice BallTeleportation
Tract of order250s
Tract of balance200s
Tract of chaos150s
The Collected Works of Confucious400s
This book generates random fortune cookie messages when read and disappears after several readings

All spellbooks weigh 100s.

Artifact books
Name UnID'd Name Weight SpecialDamage
The Black Tome of Alsophocus black tome400s CHAOSHM(-4,1d2)

NameUnID'd NameEffect when readRemarks
AmnesiaECNETOPINMOPC forgets some parts of maps and identified items 
BalanceSutsI Reveals PCs balance of alignment 
BlankUnlabeledNew scrolls can be written on these 
Chaos resistanceYik Mech'ShegothRemoves corruptions; about 1.6 corruptions when blessed 
ChargingKAPOWRecharges wands 
CrumpledCrumpledUnique; held by the Emperor Moloch; Khelavaster summons the Trident of the Red Rooster when non-chaotics give him this scrollAlways "crumpled scroll"
Cure blindnessYNORI ERUPA joke (scrolls can't be read while blind) 
DangerREGNADIncreases danger factor of current dungeon level; quest object for Gaab'Baay 
Dark predictionsOdivReveals PCs percentage of corruption 
DarknessZTORFDarkens area around PC; the area can be lit again 
DefenseHITMEImproves an items DV (fails more often with better items)[1]
EducationMANANNANMACLIRGrants or increases proficiency of a random skill 
Familiar summoningmead ni najapSummons a tame companion whose power corresponds to the current dungeon level 
Gold detectionMKMNFSTReveals locations of gold on current dungeon level for one turn 
Great identifyDOGO FUTSFReveals some (all if blessed) of an item's properties 
IBM guild manualirk gleknow mizkConfuses until divinely removed 
IdentifyKLATHA DATHA NY'ARYATHAIdentifies one item if cursed, one class if uncursed, all worn/carried if blessed 
Ill fateIAZNAB+Curs 
Increase melee accuracyWoPaKImproves an item's to-hit (fails more often with better items) 
Increase melee damageHcUoImproves an item's to-damage (fails more often with better items) 
InformationENO OWT EERHTUnique; found in small cave; reveals number of squares to the waterproof blanketAlways labeled "ENO OWT EERHT"
Item creationGNOZABCreates a random itemCreation of an artifact has been observed twice; chances are probably ~0.1%
Item detectionABABILAReveals locations of items on level for one turn 
Item destructionMUNCH MUNCHDestroys a random worn or carried item 
LightFROTZLights area around PC (it can be darkened again) 
Literacy checkEDEVESH HANAGASHChecks literacy 
LuckYIKESRemoves cursing if present OR grants lucky if absent OR grants Fate Smiles if absent when lucky is present; no effect on dooming 
Magic mappingIDNUM AIROLG TISNART CISReveals parts (or all if blessed) of the current level 
Monster aggravationRambaZambaMakes all monsters on current level hostile 
Monster detectionKTTdLwrgtReveals locations of monsters on the current level for one turn 
OmnipotenceAncientUnique if it exists; probably a red herring from Thomas 
PapyrusPapyrusUnique; appears on the dungeon level when the PC reaches experience level 13; invitation to PyramidAlways "papyrus scroll"
PeaceGNAY-GNIYReduces danger factor (and thus corruption rate) of the current level 
PowerCarpe DiemRecharges some PP 
ProtectionCUTMEImproves an item's PV (fails more often with better items)[1]
Ratling pamphletTatteredRatling rebel distributes them on the Arena levelAlways "tattered scroll"
RepairFOO BARRemoves broken trait from an item or stack (cursed breaks items, blessed repairs and moves status C > U or U > B) 
SatiationFPMAMActs as food when read; can be read even when Bloated 
Strange messageFox NawaguUnique; found in high mountain village; mentions scroll of omnipotenceAlways labeled "Fox Nawagu"
TeleportationYTTOCS PU EM MAEBTeleports PC 
Treasure creationNADSIL SEETRURACreates a random valuable 
UncursingACMEUncurses a single item, or all if blessed; a cursed scroll of uncursing curses a single item 
Vermin controlCHUTZPAHSterilizes all breeders on current level 
WarningScribbledUnique; found in small cave, warns about small caveAlways "scribbled scroll"

[1] Scrolls of defense and protection affect only the following worn items in this order: armor, helmet, cloak, boots, gauntlets, girdle, bracers. Cursed SoD and SoP always decrease DV or PV by one. Blessed SoD and SoP may increase items with low DV or PV by two or three points.

All scrolls weigh 2s.

Scrolls can be written if the PC is literate, has seen an example of the scroll, has a magical writing set and a blank scroll to write on.Blank scrolls can be found in the dungeons (usually an unlabeled scroll, although this is not guaranteed), or they can be created by dipping other scrolls into normal water - not holy water or unholy water. Be aware that the cost for writing scrolls of chaos resistance is high - there is a permanent loss of two or three mana points for wizards, apparently depending on the blessed vs uncursed status of the magical writing set.The mana cost for non-wizards is significantly higher, ten mana points is typical.In addition, any combination of a blessed MWS with an uncursed blank scroll or an uncursed MWS with a blessed or uncursed blank scroll will result in a loss of hitpoints.This loss ranged from 70 to 145 HP with a WADOMF'd experience level one wizard PC.The HP loss may go down with increasing experience level for wizards, but this has not been tested.The HP consequences for non-wizards may be more dramatic (i.e. deadly).

Writing other scrolls does not have such drastic consequences, though the exact effects have yet to be worked out.

Updated July 22nd, 2009