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Appendix G - Food - complete list

Thanks to Malte Helmert for working out all details of this Appendix

Most "base" PCs use one unit of nutrition each turn. The units of nutrition for the various food items are listed below. None of the following applies to food consumption in the big wilderness map, where different rules apply (maybe just a multiplier). Apart from equipment, the formula for a PC's food consumption per turn is as follows:

1 standard
+1 for Trolls
+1 when Strained or Strained!
+2 when Overburdened!

The total value after those modifiers is halved for Farmers of Level 12+ and monks of any level. So, for example, an overburdened human fighter would consume 3 units per turn, and a strained! troll monk would consume 1.5 units per turn. In this case, fractions are not rounded away: The character will alternate between consuming 1 and 2 units. After that, additional modifiers apply, which are not halved for monks or farmers:

+3 for each (!) equipped item granting Invisibility
+0.5 for each equipped artifact (rounded down), for uncrowned or fallen champion PCs
+0.25 for each equipped artifact (rounded down), for crowned PCs
+15in the wilderness, for non-Trolls
+30in the wilderness, for Trolls

Food consumption in the wilderness is independent of movement speed, including seven league boots, and terrain type.

So, for example, a strained troll barbarian, crowned chaotic, wearing 7 artifacts and one item granting Invisibility will consume 7 units per turn (1 standard, 1 troll, 1 strained, 7/4 rounded down = 1 for the artifacts, 3 for the invisibility).

From all experiments conducted with WADOMF and g16pre2, there was no influence caused by:

The different satiation categories are:

Satiation level Satiation display
1501..2500 Satiated
100..199 Hungry
50..99 Hungry!

A character with satiation level 0 has a random chance of dying because of starvation each turn. In g16p2 and later versions, apparently no food consumption takes place while eating, so it should be impossible to starve to death while eating (unlike previous versions).

Note also that starvation does not kill until Strength has dropped to half of what it was when the Starving message is shown. There is a -4 drop on getting to Starving status. From there Strength and other stats will continue to drop until Strength reaches 50% of its value when Starving status was reached. (Thanks to johonka for this info on Starving)

Name Weight Satiation Special Remarks Damage
alraunia antidote2s201 eaten, fights poisoning (best when blessed)  
apple2s100 2  HM(+0, 1d1)
bit of plain candy 2s203  HM(+0, 1d1)
bit of gnomish candy 2s10003  HM(+0, 1d1)
bone 4s10 calms/tames dogs, heals skeletons H(-2, 1d4) M(-3, 1d3)
burb root2s201 eaten, causes acid damage (worst when cursed, does not damage acid resistant PCs)
cooked lizard3s500    
cooked roach 3s20   
curaria mancox herb2s201 eaten, fights sickness (best when blessed) 
demon daisy2s201 eaten, causes poisoning (worst when cursed, does not damage poison resistant PCs) 
devil's rose 2s201 eaten, causes sickness (worst when cursed) 
dwarven sausage20s 500   H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d3)
fat worm 3s20  HM(+0, 1d1)
fortune cookie 3s100  contains a rumorHM(+0, 1d1)
fried bat3s100   HM(+0, 1d1)
frog legs2s500   HM(+0, 1d1)
herb seed2s204 grows into herbsHM(+0, 1d1)
hurthling cake 30s 100  cursed ones stun non-trolls H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d3)
iron ration100s500   H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d3)
large ration 200s500   H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d3)
loaf of bread40s 500   H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d3)
loaf of dwarvish bread 60s 500  satiation points quadrupled for dwarves H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d3)
loaf of elven bread3s2000  H(+0, 1d1) M(+0, 1d1)
loaf of hurthling bread30s 500   H(+0, 1d2) M(+0, 1d3)
loaf of spider bread 3s205  HM(+0, 1d2)
lump of bees wax 5s20 plug ears HM(+0, 1d1)
lump of gelee royal3s2000 removes scars, +1 Ap, cures disease, cures poisoning HM(+0, 1d1)
melon20s 500    
morgia root2s201 eaten, exercises To then Wi up to about 25 
moss of mareilon 2s201 used, exercises Dx (abuses if cursed) up to about 25 
pepper petal 2s201 eaten, restores HP (about 30 when blessed) 
piece of dry meat15s 500    
piece of raw meat20s 500 2,6 can be cooked to produce a piece of fresh meat 
piece of fresh meat20s 1000   
piece of fish meat 10s 500 2 can be cooked to produce a fried piece of fish meat 
fried piece of fish meat 9.5s10007   
plant seed 2s204 grows into ordinary treeHM(+0, 1d1)
rat tail 3s20   
spenseweed 2s20 used, restores HP (about 30 when blessed)  
stomacemptia 2ssee below 1 eaten, reduces satiation (worst when cursed) 
stomafillia2ssee below 1 eaten, increases satiation (best when blessed) 

The satiation value is increased by 25% for blessed items and decreased by 50% for cursed items.

Special Meaning
1unidentified appear as strange herb; can be identified by picking with the Herbalism skill
2susceptible to rotting
3unidentified appear as bit of candy; can be identified by taste: plain = 'sweet', gnomish = 'annoyingly sweet'; children will only accept plain candy
4unidentified appear as seed
5more nutritious for dark elves: cursed = 2010, uncursed =1020, blessed = 125; this unusual fact is in fact intentional
6more nutritious for orcs (2X), trolls (3X), barbarians (3X) and beastfighters (3X); if a PC falls into more than one category, only the higher bonus applies - i.e. orcish beastfighters are 3X; drakelings receive a different message than other races but get the usual 500 satiation points
7Fried fish meat indeed has a fractional weight. If a stack of fried fish meat contains an odd number of pieces, the weight of the stack is rounded up

Stomafillia herbs are different in that their b/u/c status is more influential than for other food items: They yield 6250/2000/550 points of satiation depending on whether they are blessed, uncursed or cursed.

Stomacemptia herbs are the only non-corpse food items that lower the satiation level. Even bad ratling food, despite yielding the "you vomit" message, satiates slightly. Stomacemptia herbs do not apply a fixed modifier but behave a bit differently:

If the character is not yet starving, the new satiation level is set to a fixed value depending on the b/u/c status of the herb (rows) and the old satiation value (columns):

Status50..99 100..199 200..15001501+
blessed 49 99 1991500
uncursed49 49 99 199
cursed49 49 49 49

Put in words, blessed herbs always set the satiation level to the highest possible value of the next lower category (from satiated to normal, from normal to hungry, from hungry to very hungry, from very hungry to starving), uncursed herbs go two such steps, and cursed herbs always go down to starving.

If the character is already starving (satiation value 0..49), then the satiation value is decreased by 20, but not below 0, irrespective of b/u/c status of the herb.

It is possible to wish for "satiation" or "food". This sets the satiation level to 5000 if it was below this value. It does nothing otherwise.

Scrolls of satiation add 2000/1000/0 to the satiation level if blessed/uncursed/cursed.

Apart from corpses, the only food items that can be cooked are raw meat and fish meat, as noted in the table. Unlike corpses, they can only be cooked with the cooking skill; fire destroys them.

From preliminary testing, it seems that apples and pieces of raw meat rot at approximately the same rate.

Updated June 21st, 2009