ADOM Guidebook

Appendix H - Gems - complete list

Name Weight Effect
amber stone 1s 
crystal of darkness 1sused, darkens area around PC
crystal of fire 1sused, creates huge ball of fire (no effect)
crystal of health 1sused, restores HP
crystal of knowledge1sused, magic maps; if blessed, +1 or +2 Le
crystal of light1sused, lights area around PC
crystal of power1sused, restores PP
emerald 1s 
gold piece1s/100H(+0, 1d1) M(+0, 1d2)
topaz 1s 
turquoise 1s 
worthless piece of blue glass1s 
worthless piece of brown glass1s 
worthless piece of green glass1s 
worthless piece of red glass1s 
worthless piece of white glass1s 

The gold piece damage is significantly better for merchants.

Updated September 30th, 2004