ADOM Guidebook

Appendix K - Quests - complete list

Many of the quests are assassinations. It is not strictly necessary for the PC to do the killing. A pet or slave can do the dirty work.

Assigned byObjectiveRewards
Tywat PareKranach3000 gold pieces
Hotzenplotzblessed amulet of order, Law skill if both Kranach and Hotzenplotz are killed
Tiny girl cute dog lawful boost, candy from girl
RyntYrrigs Healing skill, cursed oil of rust removal, Yrrigs' Manual of Bridge Building, hatchet, Yrrigs available in Terinyo to train Bridge Building
Guth'Alak Keethrax Herbalism or wand of cold and Spellbook of Frost Bolt
Unicornsee below about Yrruir and Riurry
BlupShyssiryxius Rune-Covered Trident (eventually)
Yergius Pickpocketingadmission to the Thieves Guild and the ability to train several skills with Yergius - see section
Hotzenplotz Tywat Pare amulet of chaos
Jharod appointment with Kranf Niest -> Healing skill
Old Barbarian 20 first kill monsters Courage skill
Pool frog Frog that becomes a prince Appearance-enhancing items (the PC, only females, must search for the correct frog; if the proper one is found, some appearance-enhancing items are given as a reward)
Thrundarr random creatureinventory ID or Potion of Literacy
animated forest/dwarven hallsblessed wand of fireballs
ogre tribe 5000 gold pieces
Arena champion equipment (see section plus Golden Gladius from Arena Master
greater daemon Big Punch
Griffequipment (see section 2.7)
Demented ratlingsix artifactsreveals entrance to Stone Circle
Gaab'Baay satisfy the mutated onedemented ratling reveals entrance to Stone Circle
skull of giant boarMedal of Chaos when all quests are done
potion of cure corruption
farmer corpse
scroll of danger
wand of monster creation
KherabGuth'Alakshield of raw steel
Thrundarramulet of raw steel
YrruirRiurry cleanses all corruption once
RiurryYrruir corruption + 4-7 PoGA (three has been observed with an NC PC)
Sharad-Waador SrraxxarrakexNeedle + misc equipment
Assassin Prince Filk (Mad Minstrel's request)MM reveals Scintillating Cave (AP holds Sting)

Updated June 21st, 2009