ADOM Guidebook

Appendix O - Abbreviations commonly used when discussing ADOM

These abbreviations are commonly used on the newsgroup Many of them are used in these documents as well.They are used partly to protect new players from spoilers and partly for speed.

In general, a leading P for potion might be replaced by ! for potion. Likewise a leading S for scroll might be replaced by ? for scroll and a leading W might be replaced by \ for wand.

In general, artifacts, locations and NPCs are capitalized in the description.

Abbr. Meaning
7LB seven league boots
ACW Ancient Chaos Wyrm
AMW Ancient Mummy Wrapping
AndyAndor Drakon
AoB amulet of balance
AoC amulet of chaos
AoLSamulet of life saving
AoO amulet of order
AotME Axe of the Minotaur Emperor
APAssassin Prince
ASB Ancient Stone Beast
BarneySrraxxarrakex (big purple dinosaur)
BDC Blue Dragon Caves
BoW Bracers of War
CoC Caverns of Chaos
CoK crystal of knowledge
CoS Crown of Science
DDDruid Dungeon
DHDwarven Halls
DSM dragon scale mail
EMEmperor Moloch
EPM eternium plate mail
Fisty Fistanarius
GMgreater moloch
GTB greater telekinetic blast
HMV High Mountain Village
HPhit points
IDInfinite Dungeon
IIRCif I recall correctly
IME in my experience
Kelly Khelavaster
Kenny the cute dog (South Park and the cute dog's tendency to die in every game)
LBoHlong bow of hunting
LoS line of sight
MMMad Minstrel
MTMana Temple
MWS magical writing set
N+S combination of Needle + Sting, the artifact daggers
NGnewsgroup (usually
NPC non-player character
PCplayer character
PCPuppy Cave
PGPlatinum Girdle
PoCCpotion of cure corruption
PoEdpotion of education
PoEHpotion of extra healing
PoExpotion of exchange
PoGApotion of gain attributes
PoI potion of invisibility
PoUHpotion of ultra healing
PPpower points
RGRAthe newsgroup
RNG random number generator
RoI ring of ice
RoI Ring of Immunity
RoR Robes of Resistance
RotFring of the fish
RotHK Ring of the High Kings
RotMC Ring of the Master Cat
SCScintillating Cave
SIL the dungeon level where MaLaKaI resides
SLB seven league boots
SMC Small Cave
SoCRscroll of chaos resistance
SoFSscroll of familiar summoning
SoGIscroll of greater identify
SoN Sword of Nonnak
SotSShirt of the Saints
TBThomas Biskup
TCteleport control
TotRR Trident of the Red Rooster
ToEFTower of Eternal Flames
twins combination of Needle + Sting, the artifact daggers
UCG ultimate chaos god
ULE ultra lawful ending
UNE ultra neutral ending
VDvillage dungeon
WADOMFcheater program/player character editor for windows
WMoPC writhing mass of primal chaos
WoD wand of destruction
WoT wand of teleportation
WoTCwand of trap creation
WoTDwand of trap detection
WoWiwand of wishing
WoWowand of wonder
YAFMyet another funny message
YAGBU yet another Guidebook update
YASDyet another (sad, strange) stupid death
YAVPyet another victory post

Updated September 30th, 2004