ADOM Guidebook

Notation for item appendices

Most items are listed with the "common" group, then the "noble" group (expensive metals and the like), then artifacts. + denotes an artifact which is obtained through game plot, * an artifact which is obtained randomly. H(+x, mdn) denotes hand-to-hand damage, M() missile damage. Effect abilities conferred are abbreviated. +Tele means "grants teleportation", -Fire means "fire resistance", =Fire (two lines, get it?) means "fire immunity". Slaying powers are denoted by !. Most items are listed with their unidentified appearance. If this appearance is shown in (), that means the appearance is not always the same, but the "associated" or "most common" appearance. For expendable magical items (wands, scrolls etc, not worn equipment) imagine that ALL appearances are listed in (). Not everything is filled in. ALL STATISTICS ARE "BASE" NUMBERS AND CAN BE ADJUSTED UP OR DOWN AS THE ITEM APPEARS.

As always, corrections are invited.

+Crit increased chance to score critical hits
+Curs cursed, RNG out of favor
+Doom doomed, RNG more out of favor
+Fate fate smiles upon the PC, RNG favors the PC more
+Invi grants invisibility
+Luck PC is lucky, RNG favors the PC a bit
+Rgen faster HP regeneration
+SeeI grants ability to see invisible
+TCtr grants ability to control teleportation
+Tele grants random teleportation
+WBre allows water breathing

-Acidacid resistance
-Coldcold resistance
-Confresistance to confusion
-Dethresistance to death rays
-Elecshock resistance
-Firefire resistance
-Paraparalyzation resistance
-Petrpetrification resistance
-Poispoison resistance
-Sickresistance to sickness
-Sleeresistance to sleep
-Stunresistance to stunning

=Acidimmunity to acid
=Coldimmunity to cold
=Elecimmunity to shock
=Fireimmunity to fire

Slaying powers
!Cons slays constructs
!Demo slays demons
!Drag slays dragons
!Gian slays giants
!Huma slays humanoids
!Inse slays insects
!Jell slays jellies
!Plan slays plants
!Unde slays undead
!Unli slays unlife

Special item properties
AUTOCURSINGitem curses when equipped
CHAOScontains the essence of Chaos and Corruption - merely carrying the item corrupts the PC
chaoscorrupts when used (Moon Sickle + Orbs)
returnsitem returns when thrown
rustproofitem is not susceptible to water damage

Updated September 30th, 2004